Easy Restaurant Menu Manger for WordPress Makes Online Menus a Breeze

As diners become savvier with their mobile devices, their decisions of where to eat can come down to a phone browser hunt. Giving these out-and-abouters immediate simple access to a full menu has proven a challenge to restaurateurs, most of whom keep their menus in pdf form to allow for printing and easy web updatability. This may work out alright for potential customers who visit a restaurant’s website on a desktop or laptop computer but a mobile user will probably not take the trouble of downloading the pdf and then waiting for their mobile viewer application to display it. Odds are, they’ll simply go someplace else for dinner.

Introducing Easy Restaurant Menu Manager

The Easy Restaurant Menu Manger plugin is great news for restaurant managers who want to display their eatery’s menu online and also want easy editability. Quite simply, this plugin has everything you need to create beautiful menus that display right on your WordPress restaurant site. No need to fuss with a pdf anymore!

Add categories, name them whatever you want, set their order, and add food titles and descriptions. Choose whether or not to display the prices. There is also a premium paid version of the plugin that enables individual menu item photos, options for two column layouts, multiple menus and specialty icons (vegan item, house specialty, spicy dish, etc.).

The Easy Restaurant Menu Manager plugin is also designed to pull your WordPress site’s fonts and colors to seamlessly integrate with the rest of your design. However, you may also tweak the appearance, if you like, by adding CSS directly from the plugin control panel; no need to search through your theme’s files. Individual menu items can be easily added directly through the dashboard:

Posting and updating your menu has never been easier! This plugin is well-supported and highly versatile. It could be used for any kind of pricing menu, from spas, salons and boutiques to auto service stations and contracting companies. Download the Easy Restaurant Menu Manger plugin for free from the WordPress plugin repository.