Free Community Version of BuddyPress Links Now Available

BuddyPress Links is a commercial add-on that expands how your BuddyPress community interacts around links and shared content. Marshall Sorenson, the plugin’s developer, promised that he would re-release a free version of Links with some of the advanced features stripped out if he were able to cover the cost of development.

The BuddyPress Links community version is now available in the WordPress repository and updated to support BuddyPress 1.6.

BuddyPress Links gives members the ability to create and manage links from their profiles and assign the links to a category. It supports auto embeds for rich media from URLs (YouTube, Flickr, and metacafe) and includes an automatic thumbnail picker.

Links are organized into a directory with sorting and filtering capabilities:

The plugin also utilizes a “Digg style” popularity algorithm so that members can Vote on other member’s links, leave comments and reference each other with @mentions.

If you enjoy using the community version of BuddyPress Links, make sure to check out the professionally-supported premium version. Marshall will be adding more content providers, such as Vimeo, in the future and will possibly include some alternative theme layouts. Visit the PressCrew shop to check it out.

Comments (4)

  1. I have a client that uses this and sadly yes, it has not been working properly since updating BuddyPress to the latest major release 1.5. The client did not want to pay for the premium version since so few of their users use it.

    I went to the repository to download a later version but it still shows the last update being 10-22-2010 and nothing about being compatible with the latest version of BuddyPress 1.6.

    After some Googling I did find a link to the 0.6 Beta version posted by Marshall in a BuddyPress forum, so thought I would share the link for others wanting to download the latest version.

    • Thanks for posting that link Wayne! After a bit more feedback and testing I will tag a stable release so you will be able to upgrade directly from the admin dashboard.