5 Free WordPress Pricing Table Plugins

Free pricing table plugins have come a long way in WordPress. It wasn’t that long ago that you had to go premium in order to get a nice-looking pricing table.

No more.

There are a number of free plugins on the market that would be suitable for many people.

Gone are the blocky spreadsheet looks. Many now come with prebuilt templates and color control.

Below we go over five of them. Be sure to check out the final review at the end.

1. Pricing Table


The Pricing Table plugin is an attractive and relatively easy-to-use pricing table solution.

It offers three attractive templates in the free version and more than 50 in the pro version.

It allows you to include as many columns or rows as you like. It lets you highlight a column to make it stand out. And it also gives you the ability to easily drag and drop rows should you want something to be in a different position.

It seems that only one of the three themes available is *somewhat* responsive. I say “somewhat” because the columns will narrow on a smaller screen, but they don’t actually reorganize themselves to fit one on top of another if necessary.

There were a number of 1 star reviews for this plugin, so I was a little weary of it starting out. But I ran into none of the problems mentioned in those 1 star reviews. Either I was lucky, or the problems have been ironed out.

I found this to be a very easy to work with and attractive plugin.


  • 3 templates
  • Drag & Drop reordering
  • Unlimited Columns
  • Unlimited Rows
  • Featured Column
  • Shortcodes
  • 1/3 designs responsive
  • Check marks available
  • X marks available

2. Easy Pricing Tables


The Easy Pricing Tables plugin is an easy-to-use, responsive plugin that lets you add as many rows and columns as you like. It also lets you easily highlight one column.

As each item in simply text on a line, it’s very easy to make any changes you might want to the items.

Although it doesn’t come with different templates, it does let you control some of the design for each table you make, matching the button colors to your site’s colors, for example. That’s a very nice feature, but it doesn’t go quite as far as it might. While you can control borders, font sizes, and button colors, you can’t change the overall main color or headings of the tables themselves.

The plugin author has created a video showing the easy of setting up a table. You can see it here:


  • Color Control
  • Drag & Drop reordering
  • Unlimited Columns
  • Unlimited Rows
  • Featured Column
  • Shortcodes
  • Responsive

3. Kento Pricing Table


One of the nicer aspects of the Kento Pricing Table is the ability to choose your own color for the table. Although you can’t control the color for the entire table, you can control the main colors, which can be seen at the top and bottom of the columns (the blue above).

While you can create as many columns or rows as you like, you can only create one table. That may not be an issue for some, of course.

You can choose to display a background image, but that image is chosen for you (as seen above). There isn’t a convenient way to add your own. The table itself is responsive; however, the background image is not, so that’s something to consider.

One other advantage to this plugin is that it lets you enter the exact width of your columns.


  • Color Control
  • Unlimited Columns
  • Unlimited Rows
  • Shortcodes
  • Background Image
  • Responsive
  • Control Exact Width

4. IND Pricing Table


With the IND plugin you can add as many tables and rows as you like. You can also control the width of the columns. There is also a fair amount of color control, including the ability to include gradients.

While there isn’t a traditional “featured column,” you can apply a number of different icons to a column. These icons, however, tend to look somewhat cheap.

This plugin is not responsive.


  • Color Control
  • Unlimited Columns
  • Unlimited Rows
  • Shortcodes
  • Control width

5. Pricing Table Ready


This is a pretty nice plugin that offers a number of useful functions. Unfortunately, it puts a link on your site that it doesn’t appear you can remove (unless, perhaps, you buy into the pro option).

I’m of the opinion that plugins should not be inserting links into your site (even if they’re free), and so this will always lead me to downgrade its score. But some may not care. And so if that’s you, then this plugin has a lot going for it.

Apart from that, it comes with five templates in the free version, one being the same as the image in the first plugin above (the Pricing Table plugin). It doesn’t appear to let you choose a featured column, however.

You can add as many columns or rows as you like. You can also control the width of the columns. This plugin is responsive.


  • 4 templates
  • Unlimited Columns
  • Unlimited Rows
  • Shortcodes
  • Control width
  • Responsive
  • Float tables
  • Float text

Comparison Table

Pricing TableEasy Pricing TableKentoINDReady
Color Controlyesyesyes
Drag & Drop reorderingyesyes
Unlimited Columnsyesyesyesyesyes
Unlimited Rowsyesyesyesyesyes
Featured Columnyesyesyes

Overall Ratings

  • Pricing Table: 4/5
  • Easy Pricing Tables: 4/5
  • Kento Pricing Table: 3.5/5
  • IND Pricing Table: 3/5
  • Pricing Table Ready: 3/5

It seemed there were things that all of the plugins did that made them stand out;  however, they each seemed to have a weakness too.

The first plugin, the Pricing Table plugin, had a lot going for it. But unfortunately, only one of its templates was responsive.

The Easy Pricing Tables plugin (#2) also had a lot going for it, but it would have been nice if there were more design options.

That said, we’re going to make this one a tie between those first two plugins.

As is often the case with plugins like these, however, the look is often a deciding factor, and so many the plugin you choose will probably depend on what type of look you want for your site.

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  1. Thanks for amazing reviews about top pricing table plugins for WordPress…

    great to see “Kento Pricing Table” on this list, recently we have deprecated this plugin because some update features can’t merge with it.

    instead of this we have published a new plugin for free “Pricing Tables” with some extra features.