Google +1 button for WordPress – plugin coming soon

(Edit: June 2, 2011: The free plugin is here! Get your copy now!)

So, the big news in Google and SEO land today is undoubtedly the introduction of the +1 button in competition to the already ubiquitous Facebook Like button and, of course, as a major component of improving the Googs search results.


But, as you would have no doubt read, so far it’s for the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS) only… but not for long.

According to Search Engine Land:

But “coming soon” (Google tells me in months, rather than weeks), publishers will be able to put these buttons on their web pages

And you can rest assured, that as soon as that comes out, we’ll have news for you on the multitude of WordPress plugins available for the functionality, and might even be releasing one of our own.


So, just subscribe to our feed, or (heh) like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter and you’ll be the first to know about the best WordPress Google +1 plugins as and when they are released.


Comments (16)

  1. Keep me posted, if you make one I will promote the crap out of it using my affiliate links on my site OR I’ll be making my own lol..

  2. Errr… How many buttons are we going to have on our sites…

    Pretty coon we won’t have any content… Just like buttons. :)

  3. Thanks James, will keep my eyes open :)

    I managed to snag up a few domains that should work, now if the thing just doesn’t flop like buzz and that other thing… what was it, oh yeah Google Wave lol

  4. Web 3.0 is about social search. It’s no longer important what site A thinks, rather Suzy and Jimmy’s opinion matter too.

    The real way to win online is to build a community of followers. No matter what the Google algorithm is… is built on repeat visitors.