HACKED! Is Your WordPress Site Being Turned into a Cheap Luxury Store?

One of the Incsub team was very upset yesterday to discover that his WordPress site had been hacked. Somehow, a brand new WordPress install had been set up within his WordPress installation. Here’s what the website looks like:

Shiny Shiny Louis Vuitton bags! Who wouldn’t want to be selling those on their websites? They’re so damned popular that people are flocking to sell them. Personal blogs, delicious food websites, computer websites, book websites, tech websites, chat websites, shoe websites, just about everyone is getting on the bandwagon. Check it out on Google.

Or wait…. yeah, I guess they’ve been hacked too:

A brand new website gets installed in a folder /tall/.  The site is a fully functional e-commerce site. Interestingly, it looks the perpetrators are currently being sued by Chanel. Try visiting http://www.cheap-luxury-store.com

Our dev is currently working on fixing the problem and once we know the cause and the fix we’ll definitely let you know.

We also told WordPress.org yesterday so they are aware of the problem and if there is an issue with WordPress they’ll no doubt be fixing it.

In the meantime, we thought we ought to warn you and also ask if anyone has had this problem and, if so, how they fixed it.