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WordPress Help Desk is a comprehensive integrated help desk and trouble ticketing system that helps site admin to support there users and resolve issues quickly. Users and support personnel can interact in real time to report, diagnose and resolve issues quickly and with as little pain ass possible.


  • Flexible Configuration.
  • Email Notification.
  • Accessible From Anywhere.
  • Full History Retention.
  • Integrated Seamlessly into WordPress Admin.
  • Reporting For Admin.
  • Different Views Depending On User Level.
  • Live Suggestions And Hints.



Warning: This is a beta release, it is considered stable and is running on my own blog however before installing this plugin backup your entire site, both database and content.

You can download the plugin beta from

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Comments (28)

  1. Your instructiosn are wrong:
    1. Download the
    2. Extract the files. Copy the ‘help-desk.php’ and ‘help-desk’ directory into ‘/wp-content/wp-plugins/’
    Note: not the plugins folder.

    It should say mu-plugins not wp-plugins :-)

    Otherwise I just started testing will let you know how it goes

  2. ok so now all that was included in the download is inside mu-plugins folder.
    seems ok, but one link gives me a 404 error….

    the menu in the backend, when I click on helpdesk gives a 404 looks like this:

    but the other links to new ticket, knowledgebase and settings look like this:

    could it be something on my side or is the menu structure just broken?

  3. I don’t know what just happened but my last comment disappeared :-(
    I was saying the the backend menu structure is broken on my test blog. I can click on new ticket, knowledgebase and settigns but when I click on helpdesk, I get an 404 error. The first 3 menus look like:

    while the link that doesn’t work looks like:
    h**p:// and gives me a 404 error.

    anyone else having this problem?

  4. Thanks ovidiu,

    I fixed the error in my installation instructions.

    Is your WordPress MU installation running in sub-domains or sub-directory mode? My MU blogs are running on sub-domain mode and I haven’t tested Help Desk with sub-directory, I will go back and have a look at my menu code and try and have a fix for you tomorrow.

  5. Thing is working… kind off. I mean, ticket gets delivered, but it is impossible to see Admin’s replies inside users blog Administration. They are there all right but I can only see them when I disable CSS. Any ideas?

  6. In your documentation you say to create a wp-plugins folder inside the wp-content folder. Well your read-me file says that but your website says to create a mu-plugin folder, which is it? I’ve done both and it’s not showing up in WP at all

  7. Hi Samuel,

    Sorry the wp-plugins was a typo, just use the mu-plugin folder under wp-content.

    I have done allot of work on the Help Desk plugin in the past two weeks, I was hoping to have a new version release finished by last week however my work load got a little crazy.

    I will be releasing a new version sometime in the next two weeks so check back soon or subscribe to my fees at

    In addition, if anyone has any bug reports or feature requests please post them either here or on the plugin homepage and I will try and attend to them before the next release.

    Till next time

  8. so when i make a new folder inside the wp-content folder it should just show up?

    I tried the mu-plugins and nothing changes in WP. Now the version I’m using is just plain old wordpress from; do I need a certain version? I see talk of a multi-user version but I’m not quite sure what is meant by that

  9. Samuel,

    You said you are running a WordPress installation not WordPress MU installation. If you are not sure of the difference WordPress ( runs a single blog on a single instillation, WordPress MU (www. is used to host multiple blogs from a single instillation, similar to

    The Help Desk plugin and most other plugins on this website are designed for WordPress MU.

    Sorry if I hade you confused, I hope that helps.