Highlight Yourself or Site’s Writers with WordPress Author Bio Widget

Many themes come with the ability to include author bio info at the end of the post. But you may want to highlight that info in a more prominent position in the sidebar.

There could be several reasons for doing this. One may be that you’d like to establish yourself as an expert. Of course you’ll need to produce expert content in order to do that, but you’ll also need to “sell” yourself. You’ll need to build a reputation. You’ll want people to know who’s behind that expert content you produce. And so why not make it easier to find out about you?

Another possible reason is that you might like to give authors on your site more prominent credit. Perhaps they’re trying to establish themselves too. Perhaps you already have expert authors, and you’d like to highlight that fact even more. Or perhaps you have a site that sees a lot of personal interaction between the authors and your visitors. Communities are built on personal relationships. Spotlighting the people behind the content of your site could go a long way in building interactions.

Whatever your reason, if you’d like to highlight the author in the sidebar, the Author Profile plugin will help you do that.

After installing and activating the plugin, simply go to the widgets’ page (Appearance > Widgets) to control the settings for the widget.

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Plugin in Action

And here’s the plugin in action:

Multiple Authors

This plugin also works in conjunction with the Co-Authors Plus plugin we spotlighted in another post. And so if you have more than one author for a post, all the authors’ bios will appear in the sidebar.

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