How to Add Music to Your WPMU Blog Site

albumquiltIf I were Santa and your WPMU site had a stocking hanging over the fireplace, I’d put this little plugin inside for you to enjoy. It’s called “ Widgets” and it’s fully WPMU compatible. I just tested it with version 2.8.6 and it works perfectly. After you download and activate this plugin head over to “Settings” to configure it with your username, widget color, and an artist or genre. This plugin is loaded with 10 widgets that you can drag and drop into your sidebar, footer, or any other widgetized space you’ve created in order to decorate your nest, if you will. There’s something about reading a blog and listening to the music that the writer has been recently listening to that adds a greater level of depth do his or her posts. The widgets include: Album Quilt (as seen in the screenshot here), Artist Quilt, Playlist, Recent, Genre Radio, Top Artists, Top Tracks, Weekly Top Tracks, and Weekly Top Artists.

The fantastic part about the Widgets plugin is that the users you authorize will be able to add their own custom player with the widgets and manage their musical selections through their account. Their playlists are automatically updated on their WPMU site without even having to login to their WordPress dashboard. It also adds another layer of personalization to your community where users can interact with each others music interests. Of course there are a lot of music player plugins available for WordPress, but we wanted to feature this one simply because they made the effort to ensure that it’s compatible with WPMU. If you are operating a large blogging community this plugin is ideal, because the user can update himself without having to use an FTP client to upload and store mp3 files or embed any code.

Download it and drop it into your mu-plugins folder for a quick and painless way to add music to your blog today.