How to Create a WordPress Site for Local Pet Adoptions

If you are a friend of the furries, a fanimal of animals and a do-gooder to boot, then you’ll probably want to help homeless critters in your community find good homes. You may even have taken stray animals into your own home until you could find their owners or get them adoptions with loving families.

The new WP ADA plugin makes it easy to create a WordPress site that will bring more people and pets together.

This plugin is the perfect option for small humane societies or adoption shelters eager to get an online database of available pets. It uses custom post types and the post editor has a special info form, specific to pet adoptions.

Pets are displayed as posts, but the plugin also comes with a couple of handy, configurable widgets for showing Lost and Found pets or pets for adoption.

The author discourages its use for pet shops, however, as the main purpose of this development is to assist in the adoption of sheltered animals. If you choose to use it for your pet shop, be warned; no support will be provided.

Check out some features of WP ADA:

  • Auto-tag status in thumbnails – Through CSS, the status is displayed as a tag placed on every thumbnail.
  • Change status, not permalinks – By using posts tags, you can change status any time, without changing the post permalink.
  • Every pet is a fully featured post – You have feed, comments, can add images, videos, everything you need just like a normal post.
  • Special information kept on every post – Data such size, breed, colors etc are kept individually on every post.
  • Widgets for display – Just drop the ADA widgets for display a random available pet for adoption, search form, lost pet and pet color tagcloud.
  • Works with any theme – Add the code for display the special data in pet posts or create a theme template file.
  • Output uses style sheet – You don’t need to dive into codes for customize colors and fonts, change everything within the stylesheet.
  • Export and Import – ADA Plugin uses post type, a WordPress feature, so you can export and import pets posts whenever you need.
  • Contextual Help – Are you lost? Click the Help tab when editing or adding a post type for a quick guide.
  • Fully localized – Help on adding new languages too!

If you have a heart for lost, abandoned or sheltered pets, or just want to donate your time to helping a local shelter find homes for animals, the WP ADA plugin might be the perfect option for your WordPress site. Install it today and start helping the furrry companions in your neck of the woods.

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  1. @ Sarah,

    I will, it gone become a MU installation, with a ADA adoption area and blogs for the dogs owners to build a life story about there pet.

    But first i have to tweak ADA for more custom fields.

    ADA aslo provides a theme that already includes wp ADA system, there website is only in Portuguese and there is no documentation from there site

  2. @Dennis

    The ADA theme will not include features from plugin anymore, quite a plain theme If ever finished lol I had to develop the plugin but this way we increase compatibility. I think plugin is better, so everybody can use and style it anyway.

  3. @Diana

    Good to know because i made a translation of the ADA.pot for a dutch version but it didn’t translate add all.

    i will try the stand alone pluggin on a clear theme.

    Any new stuff on the way Diana?
    Because i want to add some more values to a pet profile and a Lightbox powered profile images.

    Ps glad that you speak english ;-)

  4. @Dennis
    You can use a plugin such portifolio slideshow and display the pictures attached to posts.

    I’m having some trouble on localizing :-( Just don’t know why, metabox itens and post type files aren’t reached by translation.

  5. Trying to set this up but how do can I get it to look like the screenshots above? It doesnt look anything like that. Its not even formatted like them. Any help is appreciated.

  6. I feel like I know my way around wordrpess fairly well, but this ADA plugin has me feeling really stupid right now. Is there anyone out there who would be willing to set this up for me and get me rolling? Of course I would pay, but like most of the people using this plugin…I don’t have a huge budget.


    Completely lost and frustrated. :)

  7. Hi! I would like to offer you to make a spanish translation for the plugin but I dont know how to do it. Send me the directions and I will work on it immediately. Of course I will do it for free.

  8. i cannot get it to work…. i realy do not understand how to add and where to add the codes. after i put the [ada] code i got an page where i could fill in the animal details in the front end but i did not get the permission right.

    can you help or give an better manual? i think this one is easy for developers but nut for an amateur!


  9. ok, after a view hours i find out i made a small mistake in the placement of the source code. now it is working a bit but not all.

    can you advice me about pesmission problems. if you follow this link:

    you will see that you can not post a new entry.

    the second problem i have is that the tumbnail is not being generated.

    with this i realy need some help.


    • Hi, you must enable user registration. The plugin doesn’t allow everybody to add posts. Enable the registration of new users as at least subscribers then add the Meta Widget (so users can access the register/login page). After that logged users can add posts.

  10. That was not the problem. i did not noticed that because i am always logged in so i saw the complete form all the time.

    i see this:

    You don’t have permission to access /resanito/new_pet/ on this server.

    permission is now set to 755, when it was 777 it did not work also.

    i made a test user so you can see it yourself: test / user

    also i have the problem that the tumbnails are not being created.


    • Dennis, did you find a copy of this on file? I’m so bummed it has been taken down. I can’t find anything else like it anywhere!

      @Diana will you be uploading a new version of ADA anytime soon?

  11. Hello there,

    I’m starting to create a new plugin, this time I will keep it in github so people can tweak (and help too :) ), right now I would like some feedbacks on usage and things that would be useful. I’ve seen sites on dogs shelters and how folks are sorting the data, if you run a shelter site or intend to, please contact me.

    • Hi Diana,

      I am looking into this type of plugin as i would like to build and present it as a gift to a local animal shelter that runs on volunteers, any information on a plugin like this or similar with compatibility to the latest WordPress would be great.

      Best Regards,
      Warren Camilleri

  12. Hi,

    I cannot find this plugin anywhere in or other premium plugin sites. Can you point me to the right direction please? I’m building a pet adopotion site so this app will be perfect for me.