How To Deactivate Jetpack Modules in WordPress

Thousands of WordPress websites use Jetpack, but the plugin is not very intuitive when it comes to turning off its modules. The dashboard settings page makes it super easy to activate items with their shiny blue buttons.

However, the button to deactivate a module is actually hidden as a sub-menu item of the “Learn More” button and will pop into view once clicked.

Click “Learn More” to deactivate a module

You may think this is obvious, but believe it or not, I had to google this the other day. The deactivate button seems to be intentionally more difficult to find than the activation button. Why not simply replace the blue activate button with a deactivate button when a module is activated?

This minor annoyance is certainly not a huge deterrent in deciding whether or not to use Jetpack, but a clear deactivation button would make it easier for users to navigate the plugin. This is especially important, given Jetpack’s policy to activate new modules on your site without your permission. If you’re looking to avoid that “feature”, check out Mark Jaquith’s Manual Control For Jetpack plugin.


Comments (3)

  1. I think the word “intentionally” is likely accurate. And, it’s something I hadn’t expected from WordPress.

    And I think it is a huge deterrent in deciding whether or not to use Jetpack, if for no other reason than the obvious deception, but more, because I field more questions on it than any other function, feature, plugin, sidebar … (you get the point).

    Frankly, it sucks! And JetPack isn’t so damn good as to warrant such arrogance.

  2. Thanks for the article Sarah! =)
    I couldn’t agree with you more Bob! I am very close to deleting JetPack for just this reason! It’s obviously deceptive as one doesn’t want to have to seemingly load a “learn more” page just to discover how to deactivate a plugin’s features and, this is exactly what it appears the user would have to do. Hence, they end up leaving it activated.
    I’ve had to search through many, MANY pages in the past looking for instructions on how to repair or deactivate things. This made me apprehensive about clicking on this link because I just don’t have a lot of time to spare – common for many these days!
    I was surprised to accidentally run into the ‘feature deactivation’ in this area, but relieved that I wouldn’t have to pour through pages of instructions on how to!
    This is a gimmick that is long past its prime and should be eliminated by the folks at Automattic if they truly want folks to keep on using their products – I do appreciate that it’s free, but come on guys!