How to Find the IDs of WordPress Categories, Posts, Pages, and More

Find Your IDs

For many plugins and themes, you need to insert the ID of a category, post, page, etc. in order get them working as they should.

Unfortunately, a number of versions ago, WordPress stopped showing IDs in an obvious way in the Admin area. However, there is still a way to find the IDs you’re looking for.

When you’re in the Admin area, and you hover over the title of whatever it is you want to find the ID for (a post, a category, a page, a tag, a piece of media, etc.), you will see a status bar pop up in your browser. You should be able to find the ID there.


Plugin Options

If you have issues seeing the status bar in your browser, or if you would simply like the IDs to be more readily available, there are a number of plugins you could go with.

All of the plugins place an extra column on the right hand side of your edit pages in the Admin area.

There are two simple plugins you could use to achieve this. With each of these plugins, you simply activate them and the column appears.

1. WP Show IDs (INFO HERE)

2. Simply Show IDs (INFO HERE)


A third option gives you a little more control.

3. Reveal IDs (INFO HERE)

This plugin allows you to choose which elements you would like to show IDs for, as well as who should see the IDs – Admins, Editors, Authors, Contributors, Subscribers.

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