How to Hide the Update Reminder in WordPress [Plugin]

Sometimes you don’t get around to updating your WordPress site right away.

Even though the process is supposed to be a simple, one-click procedure, those of us who have experienced the collateral damage of WordPress updates in the past look at this procedure with dread. What if it breaks your plugins? What if it kills your database? What if it kicks your dog?

Who knows what could go wrong? You have to prepare for possible mishaps and have the time to fix them if they occur. For these reasons, it’s easy to put off updating WordPress.

If that’s ever your case, you probably don’t want clients or users seeing the update message from WordPress every time they log in. It’s a nagging reminder that makes it seem as if something is wrong when there may not be any immediate reason to update to the latest version.

The Hide Update Reminder plugin lets you hide that reminder from all users except the administrator.

Simply install it and activate it, and it will do its job.

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  1. Hi Shelley – Good question. I just tested it out. I installed 3.1 with multisite. I got the message as the super admin, but I didn’t get the message as a regular admin. But here’s the thing – I didn’t get the message as an admin even WITHOUT the plugin. So it seems it isn’t showing that message to regular admins (at least not in 3.1).