How to Search a WordPress Site When There’s No Search Box

From time to time, as crazy as it seems, I come across a WordPress site that has no search box. Sometimes it seems to be because the theme itself never included one. But sometimes it seems that the site’s developer just didn’t want one.

When you come across a situation like that, there are two good options for you.

Use the WordPress Search Function without the Search Box

Even though there may be no search box on the site, that doesn’t mean that the WordPress search function has been completely disabled. You will just need to use it in a more manual way.

Simply add the following to the end of the site’s URL in the address bar of your browser:


So, for example, let’s say you’d like to search for plugins. You would type the following in the address bar:

If you have more than one keyword, simply add a + sign between the words. For example, instead of just “plugins,” let’s say you wanted to search for “tracking plugins.” You would type the following into the browser:

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Use Google as Your Search Box

Another (and possibly better) way to achieve your search is to use Google as your search box. Simply type in “site:” + the URL of the site + your keyword(s).

Again, using the example of searching for “plugins,” you would use the following search in Google: plugins

If you wanted to search for tracking plugins, you would use the following search: tracking plugins

Or even better, search for the exact term “tracking plugins” by putting your keywords in quotation marks: "tracking plugins"

And that’s it: two ways to search a WordPress site that has no search box.

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