Automate WordPress with IFTTT

IFTTT puts the internet to work for you.

What is IFTTT?

“If this then that” is a simple phrase that defines the robust IFTTT service. Although it’s not new, it is constantly evolving, improving, and growing its user base.

If you can think of something happening (a trigger), you can tell IFTTT to do something (an action) as a result. By default, these recipes run every 15 minutes. Optionally, certain recipes can run as soon as triggered, called quick triggers, instead of only every 15 minutes. Over time, more and more triggers will become quick-enabled.

IFTTT + WordPress (version 3.x) and blogs with XML-RPC enabled (Dashboard -> Settings -> Writing -> Remote Publishing) work with IFTTT.

Your WordPress blog can be the trigger or the action. For example, with WP as the trigger, if you write a post on WordPress, publish on your Facebook Page’s Timeline/Wall. Or the opposite (FB Page is the trigger; WP blog post is the action).

Things to know or for IFTTT to improve

  • You can only authorize one account per channel within each IFTTT account. If you have 3 blogs, 3 Facebook Pages, and 3 Twitter accounts, you’ll need 3 IFTTT accounts.
  • The blog user that you authorize IFTTT with needs to be an Administrator.
  • When specifying WordPress categories and tags (as triggers or actions), make sure to spell it correctly. Categories and Tags are free-text entries, not drop downs of the values you have in your WP blog. Thus, “Real Estate” is not “RealEstate”.
  • If you have 2 “yin and yang” active recipes – e.g. 1 to post from WP to FB and 1 to post from FB to WP – IFTTT won’t repeat itself. For example, say you post to FB and it creates a post on WP. It won’t push that WP post back to FB.

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WordPress IFTTT Recipes (just a few)

Phew! And there are many more trigger-action-combinations to explore, all without any WordPress plugins. When signed in, you can view your account’s activity log to see when you created recipes and when each one was triggered.

IFTT - Action options when WordPress is the Trigger
Here's a screenshot of all the action options with WordPress as the trigger(click image for full size view)

All about IFTTT

IFTTT was created by Linden Tibbets and Jesse Tanelaunched on December 14, 2010.

Read About IFTTT, and invite your friends. It’s free, but they say, “Premium accounts are on the way!”

IFTTT support, announcements, and social profile links are available at Contact IFTTT.

They even believe in unicorns (IFTTT 404 page), so you know they’re super-duper!

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