Calling great WPMU devs – Incsub is hiring… kinda…

You may or may not know that I have two great passions, to which my time is almost equally devoted, namely Edublogs (which hosts, erm, edublogs ;) and Incsub (which is a WordPress MU development agency).

Anyways, we’re getting pretty busy on the Incsub front at the moment, and we’re looking for damn hot WPMU developers to come along and join in the party.

We’re really flexible as to arrangements, and to be honest prefer to do small projects with potential people prior to getting all mushy and embracing ya full-time, so if you have some spare dev time… this might work for you.

However, we are committed to growing Edublogs, Incsub business and our super secret special project that’s coming along soon too – so there’s lots of potential for down the line too.

So, if you’ve got that plugin savvy, check out some of the stuff we do, and please feel free to get in touch.