How to Link to Scheduled Internal Posts in WordPress

How to Link to Scheduled Internal Posts in WordPressWell I’m feeling rather spoilt at the moment.

Yesterday I was like a kid in a sweet shop with Better Internal Link Search, and today I’ve got a plugin for you that offers even more extended functionality for WordPress’ pretty terrible internal link search feature.

And this is a real exclusive folks – at the time of writing, this plugin had been on the directory for precisely 17 minutes, with just one download (and that was mine). How’s that for a scoop?

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Internal Linking for Scheduled Posts

The name of this plugin really does say it all – Internal Linking for Scheduled Posts allows you to…link internally to scheduled posts. If you are someone who regularly works with scheduled posts, it can be frustrating to not have these scheduled posts available in the WordPress internal link search feature. That frustration can now be a thing of the past.

Here’s a list of posts I made on my test blog:

Internal Linking For Scheduled Posts

All of them are scheduled apart from the draft (obviously). Now let’s take a look at WordPress’ internal search:

Internal Linking For Scheduled Posts

All of the scheduled posts are conspicuous by their absence. In order for me to link to them, I would have to go back to the Posts page, copy the URL and post name, then paste them into the Insert/edit link screen. What a pain in the ass.

Now let’s check out the same screen with Internal Linking for Scheduled posts installed and activated:

Internal Linking For Scheduled Posts

Ta da! All of the scheduled posts appear, as if by magic. Pretty neat, right? The only issue I can see with this is that you might link to a post that will not have actually been published. However, exercising a little common sense should result in an avoidance of such an outcome, and it would only be temporary anyway (i.e. the link would only be broken up until the point that the scheduled post isn’t live).

Download Internal Linking for Scheduled Posts.

Creative Commons image courtesy of photosteve101