JigoShop for BuddyPress Brings E-Commerce to Social Networking

There are many e-commerce plugins out there that claim BuddyPress compatibility, but most do not fully integrate with the platform. The free JigoShop plugin now has full integration with BuddyPress with the help of Themekraft’s new plugin: JigoShop for BuddyPress. It’s a brand new option for setting your store inside of your social network.

What does JigoShop for BuddyPress do in a nutshell?

This plugin integrates your Jigoshop e-commerce store with your BuddyPress social network and user profile pages. Checkout, member data and payment history is available in the user’s profile, as you might expect for a BuddyPress-integrated store.

Check out a screenshot of how the shopping cart becomes a natural part of BuddyPres:

Purchase history is viewable within the user’s profile page:

Users can track orders within their own account pages

Features of JigoShop for BuddyPress:

  • Integrates the Jigoshop with BuddyPress the profile pages
  • Checkout, member data and payment history are available in the profile
  • Adds an option for downloadable products to give them a time restriction
  • Download link and the time left will be displayed in the “Purchase History” in the users’ profile
  • Synchronizes all Jigoshop data with your BuddyPress – New accounts registered via checkout will automatically be integrated with BuddyPress and all data will sync back and forth between JigoShop and your social network

Fallback support included:

If you ever have the need to turn off BuddyPress or if the user doesn’t wish to become a member of your network, this plugin will fall back to use the regular JigoShop pages. This should give you confidence when selecting JigoShop for your e-commerce solution. You can always revert back to using it without BuddyPress without messing up your entire website.

The JigoShop for BuddyPress add-on is available from ThemeKraft for $59.00. You’ll get upgrades and support for one year as well as use on unlimited commercial sites. Visit the JigoShop for BuddyPress homepage to get your store and social network hooked up today.


Comments (6)

  1. Hi Sarah, thanks a lot for the great article! We are excited about it.

    By the way Themkraft build the plugin and at the moment we are just starting to work together with the folks of the Jigoshop team. We just committed some bugs we found… so could change soon as we love to give our part to the development.

    It’s a bit confusing, and we got some comment on our site asking where the jigoshop devs are….

    @MJRWebDesign, we are building our first Jigoshop theme especially for BuddyPress in the moment and have more in planning.

    Thanks for the feedback!

  2. Is this a one-to-many or a many-to-many shopping cart? Can my BP members all sell to one another using this (i.e. by entering a Paypal address into their profile somewhere for receiving payments), or does it only allow for payments to be made to the site owner/admin?