Major Changes Coming to the Media Library in WordPress 3.5

The WordPress core development team is already busily preparing for the upcoming WordPress 3.5 release. The media library is due for some major changes. Daryl Koopersmith posted some slides for discussion on the blog. Here’s a sneak peak of the wireframes and workflows they’ve got in motion. Be advised that it’s not set in stone yet and not all of this will make it into the release.

Here’s what the new media library may look like:

Here’s what they’re discussing for the experience of uploading multiple files to the library:

It looks like the attachment details page will be getting some love as well:

As you can see, the focus of the changes is on improving the modal experience when working with the media library. The slides below take you step by step through some common interactions with the media library and detail the proposed changes.

Just when you think WordPress couldn’t get any better…

The majority of people commenting on the post are positively inclined to these changes. I’m particularly fond of the progress bars and the infinite scrolling. What do you think? Does this make you excited for the WordPress 3.5 release?


Comments (14)

  1. The only think I DO want in any new WP versions (except security releases) – is improving the speed.
    Remove all deprecated (up to 3.3) functions/classes.
    Improve the load logic (like SHORT_INIT but with all /wp-includes/ folder, w/out /wp-admin/ and /wp-content/).
    Decrease memory usage.
    Lots of users will eventually say HUGE “thank you”. There are plenty on devs, that can rewrite plugins/themes to get rid of deprecated functions there. The result – is more solid and much more quicker WordPress installation.

    I beg they will do that…

    It’s much more needed then this Media changes.

  2. This sounds great. With regard to the media library, I would also like to specify where the library stores the media. Dedicated CDNs (if that’s the proper term) are optimized to handle a variety of file types and sizes. Presently, most dedicated WordPress hosting providers set limits on file sizes uploads and to increase that limit is exorbitant. For example, why can’t I point my media library to the VideoPress servers where my members can upload media directly?

  3. This is a long-overdue facelift for uploading media! Very pleased to see this in the works, finally.

    I didn’t see any wireframes for the actual Media Library though, I hope there are some plans for a facelift there as well. It would seem appropriate to also give it the “grid-style” layout instead of the current list that mimics posts/pages.