Manage Events and Ticketing with BuddyPress and TikiPress

A new major player arrived on the scene for BuddyPress communities. I’d like to introduce you to TikiPress, a new plugin that combines event management, ticketing, BuddyPress, EventPress and WP E-commerce. Intrigued?

Essentially TikiPress allows you to create events, tickets as products, attendees, and everything you need to organize events. The combination of these three major plugins gives you social networking, ticketing, and full-featured event management right out of the box.

TikiPress Features:

  • Collect payments for your event
  • Set attendance limits / Ticket stock
  • Collect attendee data on the Checkout Page via the TikiPress Survey Tool
  • Collect Statistics about your event and monitor your ticket sales
  • If a person buys more then 1 ticket (say 10 tickets), rather then completing 10 surveys for each Attendee, the buyer simply enters the email address for each additional Attendee. Each Attendee is then emailed a redemption coupon that they can use to complete / claim their ticket and enter their attendee date which is saved to their BuddyPress profile
  • Display an Attendee Page that integrates with Gravatars on your site. Simply add the Shortcode for an event to any WordPress page or post and it will create a page that looks like this example.
  • TikiPress creates an Attendee stats page for administrators on an Event by Event basis.
  • TikiPress creates an Attendee List PDF generator, this is new page accessible to Event Managers that they can use to create a list that they can use on the day to strike off Attendees as they arrive to your Event.
  • TikiPress creates custom PDF badges and tickets for your event.

How to Set Up the TikiPress Plugin

This plugin comes with some very specific instructions in the readme.txt file. It requires the installation of several plugins in the following order:

  • BuddyPress
  • BuddyPress Custom Post Types
  • EventPress
  • WP-E-Commerce
  • TikiPress

You’ll need to set your permalink structure to /%category%/%postname%/ and then add “Tickets” to your Store > Categories. It’s also recommended that you set your site to “anyone can register” in the main WordPress settings, since users must be registered to your site to redeems ticket codes. There are also a few parent / child theme items to be aware of that are more fully explained in the readme.txt.

TikiPress includes a shortcode that allows you to show a list of attendees on your site. The Redeem page for codes is also available through the use of a shortcode. The creation of events and tickets is just as simple as creating a post and a product once everything is set up.

Support for TikiPress can be found at the forums. If you’re looking for an events solution that is 100% WordPress-based and that can fully integrate with BuddyPress, then this plugin is currently your best bet.