Manage Multiple WordPress Sites From One Centralized Dashboard

If you manage multiple WordPress sites, there’s a new service that you need to know about that will save you tons of time. is now in active beta, and it’s one of the most useful WordPress services I’ve seen in a long time.

Current Features ManageWP supports:

  • Automatic blog upgrades to the latest version of WordPress
  • Plugin and theme upgrades. Install and manage new plugins and themes. Bulk installations on multiple blogs.
  • Add new content (from genuine WP editor). Manage your post and pages.
  • Managing comments
  • Managing categories and tags
  • Organize your sites in groups and perform bulk operations on them

How it works:

You can set up your centralized dashboard by following these simple steps:

  1. Sign up at
  2. Download the free ManageWP Worker plugin.
  3. Install ManageWP Worker on all your WordPress sites.

Once you’ve completed these steps you’ll be able to manage all of your blogs from a centralized dashboard.

Management Options Include:

  • Manage posts and pages
  • Install new plugins and themes
  • Manage your categories and tags
  • Manage comments
  • One-click update WordPress and plugins

Self-hosted option coming soon…

A self-hosted version of the service will be coming soon for companies and individuals who wish to run their own private centralized dashboard for their own or client’s blogs. Sign Up at to receive notification when the self-hosted version is available.

The best thing about this service is that you don’t have to sign into multiple dashboards to make updates to each of your sites. It helps to keep you organized, can save you loads of time on upgrades and allows you to quickly roll out new features across multiple sites. is currently in beta. The service welcomes your feedback and suggestions for new features. Get signed up and discover the just how convenient it is to manage all of your sites from a centralized dashboard.

Comments (23)

  1. Caveat: Not for the faint of heart or those new to WP.

    If anything can go wrong, it will – plugin and custom theme incompatibilities for instance, I’ve seen them asking for help in forums. Imagine if you had as low as ten client sites and all of them broke with the upgrade, you (and your clients) will be freaking out till everything gets fixed up.

  2. Unfortunately they screwed the pooch with their pricing – they promised about $50 per month for their top plan during the testing phase – now it’s more like $450 per month (no exaggeration here). Too bad…

    • it is funny how much money is to be made on open source??

      i wonder how much he’ll be donating to

      I think the guy is greedy, but also stupid. others will see how much money is in the solution and come up with competition.

      he isn’t much of a marketer either. i mean he promises one pricing and then another and then says there is a beta discount, but then give the discount to any early bird who never even tried to give feedback.

      he’s stupid for coming out of the gate with a pricing structure that is so aggressive. Anyone signing up will be looking for alternatives. That would be ME.

      I never bought his other product about autolink as there were too many good alternatives.

  3. With so many users on WP, I think this is a good idea to release an application similar to manageWP. If someone comes with similar service & offers it at less price than manageWP, he will definitely make a killing.

  4. Hey Rob.

    I personally have no issue with people making money in open source…. why not? People have to make a living.

    They set their fee and if it is worth that to someone then they pay, if not then they don’t use it.

    The raw materials for building a car is free, for making fuel is free. Eggs are free from chickens and oranges grow free from trees. Its only manufacturers and retailers that put a price on things but yet we still buy those things.

    I see your disagreement is about how he changes the pricing structure, unfortunately companies can do this just like oil companies keep doing.

    All we can do is avoid those products we think are not fairly priced.

    Take care.

  5. Hi. Been testing managewp with 10 sites for couple of months now and the solution actually makes me money. It’s making me money by saving me lots of time on maintaining those 10 sites seperately!! With plugin updates coming out daily it’s not cool to manage 10 seperate sites! Wp multi site didn’t solve this as it required plugins and tweaks to use and allow different plugins for seperate sites in the network. I just have to say i love managewp, in fact it’s the most useful piece of third party wp software or plugin i have ever used!!! And for the pricing, personally i think it’s a fair price for a killer product!!

  6. Wow!! Great idea but given that for the hosted option they are asking for $3K/yr and self-hosted option they want $9K for the first year and then $4.5K for each additional year I am pretty confident for much less than this I can create a similar plugin myself. In fact most of the coding already exists between the wordpress repository and

    What really shocks me is that this isn’t offered as a plugin on as it is right up their ally.