Does My Restaurant Theme Get A Michelin Star?

Does My Restaurant Theme Get A Michelin Star?For the first time ever today, a WordPress theme made me hungry. To be perfectly honest with you, I didn’t previously think that was possible (or at least, I wouldn’t have, if I’d ever pondered such a question).

My Restaurant Theme is the most impressive product of its type that I have come across in some time. The name gives away its purpose – to sell food. So if a simple demo site gets me salivating, they must be doing something right.

The theme was clearly built with WordPress beginners in mind – featuring a highly intuitive and easily manageable back end CMS. But that does not mean that the front end appearance suffers – far from it.

Let’s take a closer look at this impressive theme and see what it has to offer.


Not potato skins – theme skins (har har). My Restaurant Theme offers up four different skins from which to choose:

  • Classic
  • Modern
  • Country
  • Asian

Although they are labelled as different themes on the interface, these truly are skins in the sense that they do not offer any drastic changes to the design. We’re talking mainly about font changes and some graphical tweaks.

The Asian "Theme"
The Asian “Theme”

To be perfectly honest, it would appear that the theme’s developers spent far more time on the Classic design than any other – the rest look a little rough around the edges (as you can see from the screenshot above). However, the classic design is excellent.


Ah yes – the ubiquitous slider. Love it or hate it, but it makes more sense to use it as part of a restaurant website’s design than many other applications.


Setting up your slides couldn’t be any easier – as with most functions on the back end, the process is broken down into simple steps:


The customization settings are pretty comprehensive too. All the usual suspects are there – height, transition effect, animation speed, and pause time. And if you want to do away with it altogether, that is possible with the click of a button.

The Menu

When it comes to a restaurant theme, the ease with which you can create and manage your online menu is perhaps the key element. Fortunately, My Restaurant Theme does not disappoint.

Entering a food item is much like creating a blog post, but with additional meta data including:

  • Food type (e.g. vegetarian, spicy, etc.)
  • Price
  • Calories

All menu items are categorized by type (e.g. starter). Those categorizations are then used when you set up your Menu Cards, which allow you to provide some introductory text for each food type and then list all relevant menu items below. This is done with a simple drag and drop system:

Food Categories

The Menu Cards and food items integrate seamlessly on the front end:


Finally, each menu item features an “Add To Cart” button – the theme has a fully featured home delivery system.


The ability to book reservations is a must for any restaurant website, and My Restaurant Theme does not disappoint, with a beautiful reservations page design:


Once a reservation is submitted, both the customer and the restaurant are informed of the booking. Although a default template email is supplied, you can have full control over the contents.

A small reservation widget can also be included anywhere in the site by including a simple shortcode.


In case you hadn’t noticed, social media has become a part of life for many people now, and promotion via social media networks can be of great benefit to a restaurant.

My Restaurant Theme recognizes this and places social sharing buttons at strategic points throughout the website, such as the coupons section:


As you would probably expect by now, setting up these coupons is a piece of cake, and can do their part in boosting your restaurant’s social media exposure.

Other Features

My Restaurant Theme offers up even more features, such as Events promotion, various custom shortcodes, and of course a blog template.

As you would expect from a theme of this calibre, it is fully responsive, but I would have liked to see the developers spend a little bit more time on making the mobile design more attractive:

Mobile Theme

The theme’s developers clearly recognize the importance of mobile browsing (to a restaurant site especially), but it just doesn’t quite deliver. They claim that 50% of mobile local business searches are seeking contact information, and yet you have to scroll down to find a telephone number and address on the mobile theme. It needs more work, both to be more attractive and more functional.

A Fine Option

But overall, I am extremely impressed by this theme. Whilst I may have some gripes over the mobile theme and poor skin options, the package as a whole is well worth the money (and could be a dream solution for many technologically challenged restaurant owners).

My Restaurant Theme is reasonably priced at $149 for the theme alone. Alternatively, you can go for a hosted option at $34 per month.

Find out more here.

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