New BuddyPress Plugin Adds AJAX Profile Previews to Avatars

Check out the newest BuddyPress plugin put out by @slaffik at It’s called CD Avatar Bubble and it uses AJAX to call the profile data and display a quick preview bubble, as shown below:

This is a very useful feature for quickly browsing through the member directory and getting a quick preview of users without having to visit each one’s profile page. The plugin comes with several options available for configuration in its dashboard settings. As the admin user, you can select as many bits of profile information as you want to, but the more it has to display, the slower it will load. It’s best just to keep it to a few for a quick preview. The plugin also includes the option to change the color of the bubble’s border.

Check out the screencast below to see the plugin in action:

I enjoyed testing this plugin and would definitely recommend it for use on any BuddyPress site. It loads quickly and cuts down on the number of pages a user has to visit to get an idea of the other users your BuddyPress community. It delivers information in a dynamic way without taking up real estate on the page.

The CD Avatar Bubble plugin should soon be available in the WordPress repository but for now you can download it at

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  1. I was looking for a quick way to identify users on my “now” little Bp community at . The problem we had was due to the fact that the standard username/realname used was not efficent enough. With this plugin I can now show to my users the PSN nick, the Clan tag and the role in the Clan each user has, so that whenever you hover on the user’s avatar you know who you are talking to. I’d like to say a big thank you to @slaFFik for saving me a lot of headaches. I tweeted a #buddypress message about my idea, he was kind enough to answer and in just a weekend he made it! Kudos to him!