New Chrome Extension for WordPress Stats Addicts

Are you addicted to viewing your WordPress stats? It’s okay to admit it. However, it’s not okay if it eats up all of your time logging in and out of your websites. You need a way to save yourself some time and keep your stats instantly accessible.

WordPress Stats is a new extension for Chrome that provides you with the referrers, top posts, search terms and clicks of your site without the need to login your WordPress dashboard.

Two years ago IE held two thirds of the global marketshare but has now fallen to less than half, unable to compete with modern, standards-compliant browsers such as Firefox and Chrome. Chrome usage has actually tripled in the past year and is approaching 12%.

The new WordPress Stats extension deserves some attention, given the millions of WordPress users who stand to benefit from it, as Chrome is the fastest growing browser among internet users.

Advantages of Using the WordPress Stats Chrome Extension:

  • Saves time – no login necessary
  • Provides real time statistics
  • Easy to use
  • Free extension for all to use

There’s no better way to get your WordPress stats fix. You’ll get real time statistics that will help you to track where your traffic is coming from and what people are searching for when they find your site. Based on this information, you can start to formulate a day-to-day SEO strategy.

Installation is simple. All you need is your API Key and everything else is pulled in automatically for you. Keeping your finger on the pulse of your site’s traffic can be very motivating when you’re working to promote your content. Install this extension and you’ll have all of these numbers at your fingertips with just one click.

Check out the extension’s homepage to find out more and offer feedback.