New Plugin Seamlessly Integrates Google Calendars and WordPress

If you’ve ever had to add a Google calendar to WordPress in the past, then you know that there’s really no elegant option for embedding your calendars. They always end up looking ugly, distorted and utilitarian on your otherwise beautiful website. Now you can say goodbye to ugly Google calendar solutions, because a new plugin called Stout Google Calendar is on the scene. This is hands down the best WordPress plugin to date for Google calendar integration.

Stout Google Calendar features full customization through the WordPress dashboard:

  • Customize the color scheme of embedded Google Calendars
  • Options from the Google Embeddable Calendar Helper can be modified directly within the WordPress Admin
  • Save multiple calendars, each with it’s own color scheme, size and display settings
  • Display calendars in a Widget, Pages or Posts via shortcode or in templates
  • Live preview of all changes to a calendar as you make each change
  • Easy color picker or directly input hexadecimal color values

Adding a calendar to a widget is also unbelievably easy. If you’ve added multiple calendars using the plugin, you can select the calendar you want to display in the widget area through a simple drop down menu. It’s also easy to display the calendars on pages or posts using a shortcode. If this isn’t an option, you can always add the template tags to your theme wherever you want to display your calendar.

As you can see, these are features that you will not find with other Google calendar plugins for WordPress. Because the calendars are so highly customizable, you’re certain to be able to set the display to the most complimentary colors and buttons for your site. That keeps your calendar from looking like it was just slapped onto the page and lends a bit more professionalism to your overall site design. If you’re on the hunt for Google calendar integration for your WordPress site, you won’t find a more attractive and easy-to-use plugin than Stout Google Calendar.