Ning to BuddyPress importer plugin

As promised, check out our new Ning to BuddyPress importer!

This plugin is designed to fully import all of a Ning network’s users, custom profile fields, and avatars to BuddyPress.

In short, everything that you can import from Ning to BuddyPress…

Following the simple install, you just activate the Ning to BuddyPress User Importer plugin and use your new “Ning Importer” menu item under the BuddyPress menu to easily import all of your Ning network members.

Migration made easy!

BuddyPress > Ning Importer page

While members are being imported the plugin displays a user-friendly status page with a nifty list of user avatars, details, and current progress as the import page refreshes and
processes the import file in batches of 5 members.

Members being imported

All imported members receive a fully customizable introduction email with their login link, username and password.

Example of email sent to imported Ning member

And on the off-chance you have a very large Ning member list that’s too big to upload via the plugin, you can also use  FTP to upload the file and import all of your Ning network members.

Neato heh?  No more pesky Ning — now you can have a fully functional BuddyPress social network where you control the content!

And, of course, this plugin is 100% professional, and backed by our upgrade and support guarantee.

So, if you have any issues with it, feature enhancements or questions – just drop by the WPMU DEV support forums or live chat support sessions.

And if you’re new to BuddyPress check out our comprehensive BuddyPress Manual – and feel free to use the forums to ask any questions you might have regarding BuddyPress… we’ll be there to help.

Or you;re welcome to use the comments here too :)

Download the BuddyPress to Ning import / migration tool here.

Comments (18)

  1. @James first off this is great news! I had some trouble making it work on a single install wordpress. Also Ning does give a full export of your network if you request it. I have a buddypress install and 2 ning installs and I want to merge them both. Do you guys plan on doing a full export plugin?


  2. I have been waiting for this! I have a large Ning network that I have been wanting to merge into my existing website. I would love to be able to export the forums and groups and member blogs as well if someone could work on that it would be great!! Ning just announce it will be phasing out free networks very soon and it is really just going from bad to worse over at Ning. I am ready to get out. The sooner the better!

  3. @ Leo once you get all the requested files from the link you provided – how do you go about importing (Blog, Forum ETC) this into your new buddypress?

  4. Just following up RE: Ning forum, blog, video, import etc…

    Is this a support request that anyone can make?
    I have a 1,000 member network – not very big so I am wondering if asking Ning will work for me?

    Is there a limit in terms of size to make this happen?

    I am very eager to import my network and get it off Ning. :D

  5. Is there any way, that I can also import user passwords from Ning to Buddypress, so that my users dont have to log-in again with a new password when going from Ning to Buddypress?

    What Im looking for is some kind of user-integration between the two systems, so that my users can click back and forward between my wordpress site and my Ning network, without getting the feeling, that they are changing site.

    Make sense???

    Kind regards