Supporting Clients After a Project Ends – and Scoring More Work

We’ve all been there. You’ve launched a client’s site and now you’re silently high fiving yourself because it looks fantastic and the client is thrilled.

You met your deadline and you’ve got another project already lined up. The next day your client emails you asking for a small change to their site, which you happily do for him, no questions asked.

But then a couple of days later he asks for another change… And then another change after that and, of course, he expects all these changes for free and you’re not paid a cent for your time. How can you say no?

Clients feature image

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Giving Your Posts Mad Style by Spicing Up the First Paragraph

Giving the first paragraph in a story a distinctive style is something that slick, expensive magazines have done for years.

It not only brings extra attention to your opening, helping to draw readers down into the article, it can also liven up the page aesthetically.

One other thing it does is help reset the reader’s attention when they move off that first paragraph into the second. (Btw, studies have shown that resetting a reader’s attention is quite desirable, as readers often get bored and lose focus easily.)


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How To Have Paragraph Commenting Just Like Medium

Paragraph commenting, or annotations is not exactly new. Readers have been scribbling in the margins of books, magazines and uni assignments for years.

The online world has been slow to adopt this approach which is perhaps why Medium caused a stir and no shortage of admiring looks when it went the annotation route.

Well, admire forlornly no more because I’m going to show you how to add paragraph commenting to your WordPress site.

Photo of a manuscript with a note in the margin

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10 Fresh and Free Fullscreen WordPress Themes

You can’t go past fullscreen themes when you’re looking to make a statement with your WordPress site.

Not only are they bold and striking, they are the perfect fit for photographers, creative artists and graphic designers, and anyone else looking to make a visual impact.

But while there are plentiful premium fullscreen themes, free ones are few and far between.


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6 Best WordPress Security Authentication Plugins

It doesn’t take much for your digital life to be totally destroyed, as Wired’s Mat Honan discovered (check it out, it’s an eye-opening read).

Remembering usernames and passwords can be a real pain in the backside, so it’s no surprise most people use the same information across several accounts, such as email, social media and even banking. But if one account’s password is hacked and cracked, that security leak can put your other accounts in danger.


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Don’t Let Your Empty Search Page Drive Off Visitors

Keeping visitors on your site is vitally important, so the last thing you want for those searching your site is a page with little more than the message “no results found”.

That’s telling visitors to “move along, there’s nothing of interest to see here”.

But you can change this message by making your search results page work much harder. Here’s how.

Screenshot of no results search page asking visitor to leave immediately

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Building a Rad Overview Page that Lists Posts for Every Category

When you have a lot of posts on your site, it’s hard for your visitors to get a good bird’s eye view on everything.

Of course they can probably easily see your categories, maybe your latest posts, and other typical navigation you might supply.

But that still doesn’t let them quickly scan down through a much wider range of your content. It doesn’t give them a 40,000 foot overview for your whole site.


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