Display the Full TinyMCE Editor In WordPress

The WordPress visual editor was given a decent trim in version 3.9. It now has just 14 buttons, or 26 when the kitchen sink is enabled.

It looks great (I love minimalism) but sometimes less isn’t always more. Sometimes more is more. Really, I just want more.

So I set out to enable all of the buttons available in the visual editor.

In today’s Weekend WordPress Project, I’ll show you how to display more than the basic 14 buttons and also how to permanently show the buttons in the kitchen sink.

Displaying the Full TinyMCE Editor

Feature image

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Find and Fix Missing YouTube Videos – WordPress SEO Clean Up

Perhaps even more disappointing than following a broken link on a site is coming across a missing video.

This tends to happen a lot with YouTube videos. The post author has carefully crafted a set up for you to watch something juicy or interesting or beneficial, and when you go to play it, you get some type of message saying you can’t.

There are all sorts of reasons for this. Sometimes the video maker has removed it. Sometimes YouTube itself has removed it. Sometimes it’s been set to private. Sometimes it’s been restricted because of your location.


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The WhiP Newsletter #13

Hello dear reader and welcome to the last day of the working week!

X-Team forked. X-Team, the company that recently poached Envato’s WordPress evangelist Japh Thomson, has announced that it’s being split into two separate companies – one that will concentrae on developer resourcing (whatever that is), and another that will focus on WordPress development. Other than saying the two companies will still “share the same values and culture of superheroes and high fives,” CEO Dave Rosen’s announcement is vague at best.

The WhiP

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Automate These 30 WordPress Tasks with IFTTT

IFTTT is a service that lets other services or software (like WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, ect.) talk to each and perform actions when certain things occur.

IFTTT literally stands for “if this then that,” and that’s a pretty good explanation of what it does.

For example, you can set up an IFTTT “recipe” (as they’re called) that goes something like this:
IF a new post is made on my WordPress blog THEN automatically tweet out a link to it on my Twitter account.


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The WhiP Newsletter #12

Hello dear reader!

Are WordPress themes a commodity? Theme developers “suck at marketing” and need to find a niche and “hit it hard,” so says Chris Wallace from UpThemes who has weighed into the debate about WordPress themes as a commodity in response to a post by Obox co-founder David Perel. Blogger Chris Lema also has his say. Tom McFarlin addresses the issue, but from the perspective of a WordPress.com developer.

The WhiP

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WordPress Social Network Showdown : BuddyPress V WP-Symposium Pro

BuddyPress is undoubtedly a WordPress plugin heavyweight and dominates the Social Network Plugin division.

WP-Symposium, the only really valid challenger to BuddyPress has, like BuddyPress itself, gone through a major overhaul and has now turned Pro. But with the champion having shed a few pounds and gained some speed, can the challenger take the champion the distance?

Ladies and gentlemen, are you ready to rumble?

Composite image of Rock'em robots and WP Symposium Pro and BuddyPress logos

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Turn Your WordPress Comments into Forum Posts for More Engagement

Unless a site is massively popular with lots of comments on nearly every post, leaving a comment on a post can feel a little lonely.

Single posts tend to feel a little walled off from everything else. Once you leave a comment on a post, you may feel like browsing around and finding another post to read, but you don’t typically get the impression that you’re in the middle of thriving discussion.

That’s where forums can excel.

Although a forum thread is also walled off to degree, you’re always only one click away from lots more discussion.


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The WhiP Newsletter #11

Hello dear readers!

Are theme companies sustainable? Abandoning one-off purchases in favor of membership models (kinda like WPMU DEV…) is the only way theme shops can become sustainable, according to Obox co-founder David Perel. He laments the state of the WordPress theme industry over at Medium… and not on a WordPress blog using a WordPress theme.

The WhiP

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10 Best Image Optimization Plugins to Speed Up Your WordPress Site

Optimizing your images not only helps your WordPress site load faster, but can also boost your SEO.

In Why Trying to Get 95+ on Google PageSpeed Insights for Your WordPress Site Will Drive You Mad! earlier this month, I looked at measures for improving page speed. One of these measures was the importance of optimizing images.

High resolution images that are unnecessarily large in file size can drastically slow down page speed. Why waste resources and time when it’s possible to reduce image size without losing it’s quality.

This round-up of plugins includes tools for compression and SEO. I’ve also thrown in a couple of lazy load plugins for good measure.


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WordPress Glossary Plugins: Unsexy but Super Useful

“When I first read the dictionary,” goes an old joke by comedian Steven Wright, “I thought it was a poem about everything.”

Part of what makes that joke funny, of course, is that dictionaries (and glossaries alike) get a bad rap for being nothing but boring old reference material. But boy are they useful when you need them.

Some sites seem to positively cry out for a glossary (i.e. a mini dictionary). And yet those that have them are few and far between.


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