The WhiP Newsletter #16

Hello and welcome to Thursday!

Down, down, prices are down. WooThemes have cut the cost of their themes by $20 for standard packages and $50 for developers packages. According to the company, they’ve got the cash to do this because few people are taking up their offer of bonus themes.

Anothermattic. Automattic has released “Documattic,” a collection of presentations and resources the VIP team use when explaining WordPress to clients. Three documents have been initially uploaded to GitHub under Creative Commons License concerning WordPress security, WordPress in government, and trends in enterprise WordPress content.

The WhiP

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12 Surprisingly Useful WordPress Plugins You Don’t Know About

A swag of new WordPress plugins gets released every single day and whilst many are rehashes, integrations with external services, don’t work or simply add to the ever growing list of contact form generators, every now and then there are some gems.

Tested and approved, here’s 12 WordPress plugins that you don’t know about and therefore don’t even know that you need.

Devic Mockups

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The WhiP Newsletter #15

Happy hump day!

Press75 goes under the hammer. Design and development agency Westwerk has snapped up long-time theme shop Press75 on Flippa for an undisclosed sum. According to the shop’s auction page, Jason Schuller, who established the shop in 2008, was pulling in more than $30,000 a month before his passion for themes ran dry,resulting in a steady decline in sales to $5000 a month.

The WhiP

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10 Ways to Set Up Hidden Premium Content In WordPress

These days there are all sorts of ways you can choose to keep content in WordPress hidden from the general public. There are all sorts of reasons why you might want to do that.

In this post we’re going to look at 10 solutions that will let you hide your content, but then also let you reveal it if the visitor takes the right action. That action might range from putting in the right password to paying for it through PayPay to tweeting out a link to it first.

Photo credit: Craig Sunter


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The WhiP Newsletter #14

Hello dear reader!

Slow news day? We mentioned WordPress core developer Andrew Nacin’s plans for a big overhaul of internationalization features in WordPress 4.0 in this email a couple of weeks ago. WP Tavern have caught up with their own rundown of what the improvements will mean for non-English speaking users. Speaking of Andrew, he has hit back at those who criticized the way Automattic handled a recently publicized security hole involving cookies.

Job boards. Looking for someone to customize your site? Check out this round-up of job boards (including WPMU DEV’s awesome Jobs & Pros site).

The WhiP

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UX Hack: Making Long WordPress Posts Easier to Read & Scan

Overwhelmed by hordes pumping out low quality “content” day and night and Google’s ever more stringent rules for what makes it to the top of their search pages, many are starting to realize that producing quick, superficial, rehashed content is a massive waste of time.

In order to compete, in order to win, you need to produce something of substance, something of quality. That often means long posts and articles. Sometimes very long.

“Substance” and “quality” aren’t always defined by length, of course. There are plenty of exceptions there.

First there were content farms. Now we have endless long posts. The reader needs a break.

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Meet The WhiP, Our Daily WordPress Email Newsletter

If you’re serious about WordPress design and development, you’ve got to keep on top of all the latest news and core developments, while also finding the time to, you know, actually make stuff.

Who’s got the time to scroll through Twitter all day or refresh reddit? We don’t, so we launched The WhiP.

Our new daily email newsletter is packed with WordPress news and gossip, must-reads, tutorials and how-tos, as well as other random awesomeness from across the tech world.

The WhiP

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11 Questions To Ask Before Adding Long-Form Content To Your WordPress Site

Adding long-form content to your WordPress website is not as simple as you may think.

As well as the considerations about how you actually configure WordPress for long-form and how you create and design long-form content, there’s the key consideration of what benefits long-form will bring to your site.

If you are thinking about adding long-form to your content mix, here’s 11 questions you need to ask yourself.

Screenshot of the NYT's Snowfall, The Global Mail's Crowded Desert and PitchFork's Daft Punk feature

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