Don’t Let Your Empty Search Page Drive Off Visitors

Keeping visitors on your site is vitally important, so the last thing you want for those searching your site is a page with little more than the message “no results found”.

That’s telling visitors to “move along, there’s nothing of interest to see here”.

But you can change this message by making your search results page work much harder. Here’s how.

Screenshot of no results search page asking visitor to leave immediately

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Building a Rad Overview Page that Lists Posts for Every Category

When you have a lot of posts on your site, it’s hard for your visitors to get a good bird’s eye view on everything.

Of course they can probably easily see your categories, maybe your latest posts, and other typical navigation you might supply.

But that still doesn’t let them quickly scan down through a much wider range of your content. It doesn’t give them a 40,000 foot overview for your whole site.


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How To Allow Anyone To Preview A Post Without Logging In

Previewing is an important part of the publishing process and generally requires the previewer to be logged into WordPress.

But what if you want someone to do a one-off review? Perhaps you’ve written about them, or they are an expert on the subject matter. Creating a WordPress account, getting them to log in and then deleting the account when the process is finished is a little excessive.

Wouldn’t it be easier just to send them a private link, with a configurable expiry date, that took them straight to the content and only that content? Of course it would and here’s how.

Composite image showing preview button

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Finally! Getting Images to Sit Side-by-Side in WordPress

Have you ever tried to get two images to sit side-by-side in WordPress? Did it drive you crazy? If so, you’re not alone. It’s driven me crazy a number of times.

The good news is that it might now not be as maddening as it was in the past.

The bad news is that the good news above might not actually apply in your case.

Not to worry though, there’s more good news – we’ve got alternative methods below if the easiest methods don’t happen to work for you.

4 Different Methods for Side-by-Side Images
We’ve got four basic methods for you.


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5 Plugins To Turn WordPress Into A Mobile App

AppPresser has been causing a bit of a stir in the WordPress world recently.

Its unique approach, though, is clearly aimed at developers so what options exist for those WordPress users who want to deliver their WordPress content via a mobile app but don’t wish to get their hands dirty with PhoneGap?

In this article, I take a look at five other plugins that all deliver a mobile app and discover that if you are willing to compromise the process is surprisingly simple and cost effective.

Screen grab of mobile app icons

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WordPress Business Themes in 2014 – 60 of the Best, All Free

WordPress now powers almost 20% of the web. And though it’s hard to say exactly how much of that is attributed to exactly what types of users, there’s no question that businesses have been turning to WordPress at a greater and greater rate.

As you might expect, that increased demand has led theme developers to increase choices. And these 60 free responsive business themes below attest to that.

Exactly What is a “Business Theme”?
A WordPress business theme is a theme that generally doesn’t put a blog front and center.


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