The WhiP Newsletter #9

Hello dear readers and welcome to a new working week!

Big bucks. Guess which tech company has paid out more than $180 million to designers and developers around the world, mostly for creating WordPress themes? And they’re planning to reward top designers with a trip into space.

What is a dev? Zé Fontainhas, known mostly for his work with WordPress Polyglots and WordCamps, has taken a swipe at WordPress folk and their “assumptions, a disease I see rampant in the WordPress community at large.” His post is a refreshing read about why you shouldn’t jump to conclusions about a person’s ability.

The WhiP

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Display Your WordPress Posts In A Facebook-Style Timeline

One sure fire way to make your WordPress site stand out from its competitors, is to be different. And if you can be different by using a technique that is already very familiar, then it can be a win-win situation.

Presenting your WordPress posts as a Facebook-style timeline is one such situation.

In this article we’ll walk-through how to implement a timeline on your WordPress site using the recently released Timeline Pro plugin.

A screengrab of the timeline

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Display Unique WordPress Headers Wherever You’d Like

Easy customization is the reason so many people choose to go with WordPress in the first place.

As there’s nearly nothing that stands out on your site as much as your header, being able to customize that element according to what category, Page, Post, or even tag page you’re on can make quite a significant impact.

If you’d like that type of control, then it’s easy enough to do.


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The WhiP Newsletter #8

Hello dear reader! bbBoring? The 2014 bbPress Survey results are out… and they’re not all that interesting. The majority of bbPress users speak English, are long-term bbPress users and have a WordPress install that relatively up-to-date. That’s pretty much it.

Not all pandas are cute and cuddly. MetaFilter has fired staff after a Google penalty severely hit the community weblog. Search Engine Land offers a fascinating analysis of what happened to the company.

The WhiP

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Meet the WPMU DEV Design Team – Plus a Sneak Peak at Our Upcoming WordPress Themes

Our design team is changing what you see at WPMU DEV. Meet the guys quietly pushing pixels behind the scenes – and working on some truly exciting new products.

There’s rarely a quiet moment when music isn’t playing at WPMU DEV headquarters.

The National, Nick Cave, Little Wings and – if UX Lead Joji Mori has his way – ’80s power ballads are on high rotation.

No doubt visitors to our office by the beach in Melbourne think our office is like a stereotypical internet startup, but in our office where more than half of the staff are designers, it’s more about fuelling their creativity.


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A Clever Way to Keep Unsatisfied Visitors from Leaving Your WordPress Site

Recently I came across a site called Contextly. They are essentially a turbo-charged service for related posts. They’re also pretty expensive.

One of the more interesting features they have is the ability to put list of related content in a miniature sidebar stuck directly into the post itself.

Of course most people don’t just land on a blog post and start reading. Most will start scanning first.

If enough of the post catches their interest, then they’ll start reading.

But what if the post doesn’t catch their interest? Many will just hit the back button.


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The WhiP Newsletter #7

Hello dear readers!

Damage control. WP Engine has published a grovelling post in response to a former customer’s claims the web host hijacked his business. Matthew Woodward’s lengthy and detailed critique of the web host’s apparent poor performance and hopeless support has snowballed on social media, drawing other former customers out of the woodwork to air their own complaints about the company.

Parlez vous Francais? Users will soon be able to choose their language when installing WordPress. Core developer Andrew Nacin has outlined his internationalisation goals for version 4.0, which is due out in August.

The WhiP

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10 Fantastic Drag and Drop Page Builders for WordPress Worth Checking Out

There’s been an explosion of WordPress page builders in recent months, so many in fact it’s hard to know where to begin.

There are front-end builders, backend builders. And what’s the difference between a page builder and a theme builder? Many themes are also available now with built-in builders.

To help you get your head around what’s out there, I’ve put together 10 of the best front-end and backend page builder plugins available.

Visual Composer

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The WhiP Newsletter #6

Happy hump day!

Jetpack 3.0 is out. Yep, exciting stuff.

Life in the slow lane. Net neutrality has been all over the news this week and the US Federal Communications Commission isn’t winning any fans. A new FCC Slow Lane plugin lets you shake your proverbial fist at anyone attempting to reach your site from an FCC IP address… by adding two seconds to your site’s page speed. Take that, FCC!

The WhiP

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