Why Front-End Editing Is A Drag And Should Be Dropped

It’s a curious contradiction that a new drag-n-drop page builder can have the WordPress community hyperventilating whilst it simultaneously goes dizzy over the decidedly back-end post editing interfaces of Draft, Ghost and the marvels of Markdown.

Perhaps it’s the fear of missing out on being an early endorser of the ‘Next Big Thing’, or perhaps there is a genuine excitement about the perceived advantages of front-end page builders and content editors… or perhaps the WordPress community is just generally predisposed to shiny new objects.

Whatever the motivations, front-end editing is gathering momentum, but will it result in WordPress’ very own diabolical incarnation of Frontpage and should we be grabbing the stakes and killing it off before it wreaks bloodsucking carnage on the WordPress ecosystem?

Photo of girls clapping and cheering

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Keep Visitors On Your Site With Supercharged Post Navigation

Have you ever noticed the post navigation links (next and previous) displayed at the bottom of the post content in most themes and usually consisting of a post title?

If you haven’t, it’s hardly surprising. If you have, then you’re probably thinking that they are not exactly anything to get excited over. But we should get excited over them because they are major tool for keeping visitors on your site. If they are done properly. Like Medium, for example.

So, let’s supercharge your post navigation and start inducing those precious time-on-site-building clicks.

Make your post navigation worth having

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Beautify Your WordPress Admin Area Using These Free Plugins

When WordPress 3.8 was released last December, the old grey admin interface was tossed out in favor of a fresh, flat and dark design.

While the new design offered a much-needed and overdue update, the eight admin area color schemes aren’t for everyone.

Luckily, the WordPress community has come up with a bunch of solution. For today’s Weekend WordPress Project, I’ve put together a colorful – and sometimes not so colorful! – collection of admin plugins to beautify your WordPress admin area.

WWP Feature

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Greet Your WordPress Visitors With Tailored Messages

Would you like to provide bonus content to those visitors who clicked through from your e-newsletter? Perhaps you’d like to welcome visitors who’ve come from an affiliate site? Or maybe you just want to let subscribers know that you are running a special offer on membership?

There are 101 marketing and promotional opportunities for notifications that can be tailored according to a visitor’s referrer and role.

In this article, I’ll show you how to splice two existing plugins to add conditional global notifications to your WordPress site.

Global notifications with conditional content offer unlimited possibilities

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Shh! Top Secret Feature in WordPress 3.9

WordPress 3.9 lead developer Andrew Nacin has hinted there will be a secret feature in the upcoming release.

Now that features-as-plugins are the norm, core features are usually known about weeks before a new release. They are ever picked apart in great detail during public core development meetings.

But this time, Nacin has a surprise up his sleeve. During the latest #wordpress-dev IRC meeting meeting, Nacin casually mentioned there would be a secret feature, but didn’t elaborate further.


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The 7 Best Popular Post Plugins for WordPress on the Market

Who isn’t interested in knowing what’s popular? It seems we have some built-in psychological need to know what others like.

And so that’s why “popular posts” plugins can be such a smart way to attract visitors to check out more of your content.

Below we go over the seven top free “most popular posts” plugins for WordPress. Be sure to read on for our ratings and comparisons.


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Migrating Multiple Blogs into WordPress Multisite

Managing multiple WordPress installations can be a drag. Remembering different sets of usernames and passwords, and having to install plugins and themes over and over again. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Setting up a fresh WordPress Multisite installation and creating new sub-sites isn’t all that hard, but what about migrating an existing collection of sites into a new or existing Multisite installation?

There are many reasons why you might want to do this, for example you can:

Save time. Instead of installing and upgrading WordPress, themes and plugins across many sites, you can do all of these things just once.

Migrating birds

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