10 Facebook Plugins You Need Before It Dies Off

You’ve no doubt heard about the claims Facebook has spread like an “infectious disease” across the planet and over the next three years will lose a staggering 80 per cent of its users.

We all watched as Myspace crashed and burned (despite Justin Timberlake’s best attempts to revive it) so this news comes as no surprise.

So before users begin abandoning Facebook (and their parent’s embarrassing comments on posts) in droves, let’s make the most of it! This collection of 10 free and premium Facebook plugins for WordPress includes all you need (and then some!) to fully integrate Facebook into your site, from adding a simple Like box to adding advanced functionality with Open Graph.

Facebook feature image

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How to Link an Email Address in WordPress

Of course lots of people like to use contact forms on their site. But there may be situations where you’d want to provide a linked email address too, either showing the actual email address (like [email protected]) or some text of your choosing (like contact me).

Doing either is pretty easy. You just need to know the simple code.

Creating Email Links
Creating email links is basically just like making a regular link, but instead of putting http://  in front, you would use mailto:

For example, instead of linking [email protected], you would link mailto:[email protected]

The complete HTML for the above would be the following …


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How to Timestamp Your Posts Like Twitter and Facebook

Here’s a handy WordPress script you might not know about.

Did you know WordPress has a built-in function to display relative time in a human-readable format, just like Twitter and Facebook? For example, instead of your posts displaying, “Posted on January 23 at 10.30am,” you could display, “Posted 5 hours ago.”

In this Weekend WordPress Project I’ll show you how to update the Twenty Fourteen theme to take advantage of the human_time_diff() function and change the timestamp on your posts.

Feature image

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Set the Default Admin Color for Users in WordPress Multisite

When version 3.8 of WordPress came out, it changed a number of things in the admin area. One of those things was the default color scheme.

It used to be that the default color scheme was lighter in color.

Now it’s much darker and looks like this:

Changing the Color for Multisite Users
While it’s easy to go to your profile and change that if you don’t like it, if you run a Multisite Network, then you have all your users to deal with as well.


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WordPress Security Essentials: Obscurity Tactics and Backups

Security by obscurity is by no means a be-all, end-all solution for keeping nasty hackers at bay, but should still play at part in your overall defence plan.

Obscurity as a security measure is the belief that a site can remain secure so long as nobody outside of its implementation is allowed to find out anything about its internal mechanisms.

In the final video in our WordPress Security Essentials series, we look at obscurity tactics and tried-and-true measures for backing up your site.

Security feature image

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The 12 Best Free WordPress Pinterest Plugins on the Market

As Pinterest continues to grow and innovate, it seems only natural that integrating your WordPress site and your Pinterest account is a smart move. And so below we’ve collected the 12 best free Pinterest plugins we could find to help you do just that.

As you might expect, there are number of very different types of  Pinterest plugins out there. And so first we’ll do a quick run-through of the different kinds, and then we’ll give you our suggestions for each type.


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WordPress Security Essentials : Building A Layered Defense

Preventing a hack attack is virtually impossible, so the pragmatic goal of any security strategy is to make any attack as difficult as possible.

If the attack can be slowed down sufficiently then the perpetrators will likely give up and move on to a new target.

In this installment of our WordPress Security Essentials video series, we take a look at layered security or layered defence:  the combining of multiple security controls to protect your WordPress site’s critical files and data.

WordPress security essentials - layered security

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WordPress Security Essentials: Password and Username Safety

There are simple ways you can help avoid a hacking attempt on your site, such as keeping your version of WordPress up-to-date and using themes and plugins from reputable sources.

But what can you do to fight off brute force?

In the third video in our WordPress Security Essentials series, we look at practical ways to combat username and password cracking.

WordPress Security

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Chat Updates Make WP a Fully-Functional Live Platform

Our developers are always working hard to improve our plugins, and today we’re super excited to announce HUGE updates to our Chat plugin.

Since we last updated you on Chat’s features, the plugin now includes the ability to control where chats appear, full BuddyPress integration, significant front-end display improvements, chat logs displayed on the front-end (helping SEO!), specific bottom corner chat features and some very important under-the-hood improvements.

Chat plugin by WPMU DEV

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Boost time-on-site by auto-loading new posts like qz.com and Medium

Are you finding that despite your considerable efforts to drive traffic to your WordPress site, the bounce rate and time-on-site stubbornly refuse to improve as your visitors read that one page then move on?

Take a leaf out of the books of mega sites qz.com and Medium and get proactive. Don’t wait for the reader to click for a new post, put it right in front of them. Automatically. And give them every reason to stay a little longer.

Let me show you how.

We all want our visitors to spend time with us because we're interesting

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