20 Best Free Photography WordPress Themes

You might wonder what the difference is between a photography theme and a portfolio theme. The truth is that at times they might both serve the same purpose. But at other times they may be a little different.

To my mind, a portfolio theme concentrates on providing a section of the site that is dedicated to showing off a collection of images.

Of course a photography theme might do that too, but the way I look at it, a photography theme puts more emphasis on the blog aspect and less emphasis on creating a separate section to show off a collection of photos.


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25 Most Beautiful and Responsive WordPress Themes of 2014

There have been some truly gorgeous themes released this year.

Parallax continues as a trend, as does clean, flat and minimalist design. Though designers are becoming bolder and more experimental. Many themes this year have a great focus on typography and beautiful storytelling.

Below, I’ve compiled a collection of beautiful themes, all released this year. This list includes a range of themes suiting business, agencies, portfolios and photographers, as well as themes suiting multiple uses.


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How to Give Your First Post a Unique Style in WordPress

You don’t always need a fancy, sophisticated theme for a blog. Sometimes a simple, plain, newest-post-first type blog is fine.

That said, it’s also nice to have a little bit of extra pop on a blog, especially near the top. If nothing else, it helps draw the reader’s eye down into your content and also break things up a little.

One way you can get that extra pop is to simply give the first post on your homepage a different style from all the other posts.


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How an English Lit. Grad. Who Didn’t Know PHP from FTP Bootstrapped a Successful WordPress Company

James Farmer was a university lecturer in education design loitering around WordPress forums for scraps of code when he saw the potential in Multisite. Now he runs the largest WordPress plugin store, WPMU DEV. This is the story of how it all started.
Pleased with the horrendous looking theme he had set up on his blog, James Farmer was drunk on too many red wines when he installed WordPress MU – now Multisite – and launched the very first version of Edublogs.


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Free WordPress Shortcode Plugins for Improving the Design of Your Posts

There’s been a veritable explosion of really good design-related shortcode plugins of late.

These plugins make it easy to spice up your Posts or Pages and give them very professional-looking elements such as columns, tabbed boxes, pricing tables, special headers, and much more.

Because of the improvement in these plugins of late, other plugins that haven’t evolved with the times have been left in the dust. Or even if they’ve added such things as the Bootstrap icon library (as some below have), they haven’t improved in other areas.


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New Plugin Release: Multisite Theme Manager by WPMU DEV

We’re pleased as punch to announce a brand spanking new plugin: Multisite Theme Manager.

Multisite Theme Manager lets you control and customize your users’ theme viewing experience. Give your themes striking feature images, change names and edit descriptions. And when you’re done, export your settings for use on other networks.

Head over to our plugins page to download Multisite Theme Manager.

Multisite Theme Manager

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