How to Find Your WordPress Login URL

If you’re new to WordPress and you’ve logged out of your own site and have no idea how to log back in again, it can be a frustrating experience.

While many themes used to feature a link to the admin login URL back in the day, it’s rare to find a theme that nowadays that does.

In today’s Weekend WordPress Project I’ll show you how to quickly locate your login URL.

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The WhiP Newsletter #17

Hello Friday!

Reset the Net. Automattic joined tech companies in calling for greater online privacy yesterday in Reset the Net. The company has committed to serving pages only over SSL for all * subdomains by the end of the year in a bid tomake mass surveillance more difficult.

Premium plugins are here to stay. ManageWP ponders the future of premium plugins in a world where WordPress core is becoming more feature-rich. When it comes down to it, according to writer Brenda Barron, users will always want more than core can give.

The WhiP

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20 Best Free WordPress Themes for Blogs

Despite the fact there are hundreds upon thousands of themes available for WordPress, it’s still hard to find “the one.” You know, the perfect theme that will fulfil all of your hopes and dreams for your blog and put you in the mood to write.

Finding a great free theme can be difficult. Searching through the WordPress Theme Repository can be time consuming and often free themes lack beautiful design.

Below is a collection of free blogging themes that are all ideal for personal sites when you want the focus on your words.

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10 YouTube Video Plugins You Didn’t Realize You Needed

When people go looking for YouTube WordPress plugins, the truth is that most will either be looking for a player or a gallery plugin.

But there are a number of other interesting YouTube plugins out there that you may want as well.

In this post, we’re going to look at 10 of them. They will let you do everything from get your videos’ analytics in your dashboard to white labelling YouTube out of picture.


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The WhiP Newsletter #16

Hello and welcome to Thursday!

Down, down, prices are down. WooThemes have cut the cost of their themes by $20 for standard packages and $50 for developers packages. According to the company, they’ve got the cash to do this because few people are taking up their offer of bonus themes.

Anothermattic. Automattic has released “Documattic,” a collection of presentations and resources the VIP team use when explaining WordPress to clients. Three documents have been initially uploaded to GitHub under Creative Commons License concerning WordPress security, WordPress in government, and trends in enterprise WordPress content.

The WhiP

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12 Surprisingly Useful WordPress Plugins You Don’t Know About

A swag of new WordPress plugins gets released every single day and whilst many are rehashes, integrations with external services, don’t work or simply add to the ever growing list of contact form generators, every now and then there are some gems.

Tested and approved, here’s 12 WordPress plugins that you don’t know about and therefore don’t even know that you need.

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The WhiP Newsletter #15

Happy hump day!

Press75 goes under the hammer. Design and development agency Westwerk has snapped up long-time theme shop Press75 on Flippa for an undisclosed sum. According to the shop’s auction page, Jason Schuller, who established the shop in 2008, was pulling in more than $30,000 a month before his passion for themes ran dry,resulting in a steady decline in sales to $5000 a month.

The WhiP

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10 Ways to Set Up Hidden Premium Content In WordPress

These days there are all sorts of ways you can choose to keep content in WordPress hidden from the general public. There are all sorts of reasons why you might want to do that.

In this post we’re going to look at 10 solutions that will let you hide your content, but then also let you reveal it if the visitor takes the right action. That action might range from putting in the right password to paying for it through PayPay to tweeting out a link to it first.

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