10 Plugins to Improve Your WordPress Pages

Most of us are probably used to using Posts as the basis for most of our WordPress content. And that’s fine. But if you ask me, Pages rock.

I guess I like Pages because they often provide an opportunity to do something different.

If you’re writing a blog and using Posts, then your posts are going to pretty much all take the same look.

But a Page could be almost anything. On top of that, one Page can look wildly different from another, and nobody bats an eye. All bets are off with Pages.


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8+ Awesome Plugins for Safely Moving WordPress

Whether you need to migrate a client project from a local development site or you’re just tired of your web host’s sloooow service and awful support, there are many reasons why you might need to migrate a WordPress site.

Migrating a site manually can be fiddly and you risk messing things up (though if you follow our step-by-step guide How to Safely Move Your WordPress Site (Without Losing Anything!) you shouldn’t have any problems at all).

Site migration

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5 Free WordPress Pricing Table Plugins

Free pricing table plugins have come a long way in WordPress. It wasn’t that long ago that you had to go premium in order to get a nice-looking pricing table.

No more.

There are a number of free plugins on the market that would be suitable for many people.

Gone are the blocky spreadsheet looks. Many now come with prebuilt templates and color control.

Below we go over five of them. Be sure to check out the final review at the end.


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Introducing the All New WPMU DEV Jobs & Pros Section

In the beginning there was a simple job board. It was really popular and got used a heap, but it was really pretty basic.

Still, our members loved it, it was a great way to find awesome WordPress developers to do custom work and for our members to get great freelancing gigs.

So we decided it deserved some proper love… and today we’re pleased to announce our all new Jobs & Pros section.

Jobs & Pros

Jobs & Pros

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Strengthen Your WordPress Category Pages by Putting Your Best Posts First

How far do you imagine visitors dig once they click into your category archives?

If you’re lucky, you’ll get them to the bottom of the first page. And after looking at stats from a number of different websites, I’d say you’re really lucky if you get even 10% moving onto the second page.

And so on your site, what would a visitor find on that first page or two? Would they find your absolute best posts in that category?

Do some of the heavy lifting for your visitors and make your category pages stronger.

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Find Hundreds of WordPress Plugins on GitHub

The WordPress Plugin Repository recently hit 30,000 plugins, but did you know there are hundreds more plugins at GitHub?

Many WordPress developers upload and share plugins to GitHub and use it to find resources for projects.

But what makes it a popular and invaluable tool for developers is the ability to collaborate on projects. Project repositories can be copied by a user – or forked – and then worked on independently before the changes are merged with the original project.

While the official repository is – for most people – the go-to place for free plugins, there are a lot of cool lesser known projects hosted at GitHub that fly under the radar.

GitHub and WordPress

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How to Add Google Analytics to WordPress in Under 60 Seconds

There’s no doubt Google Analytics sets the standard when it comes to gathering information on your site’s visitors.

Analytics can show where they landed on your site, what they read, how long they stayed, what they were searching, the browser they were using, where they live, their age and even their interests.

Adding Google Analytics to your site is easy. So simple, in fact, that it takes less than a minute!

For today’s Weekend WordPress Project, I’ll show you how to add Google Analytics to WordPress with very little time and effort.

Feature image

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Allowing Temporary Access to Premium Content with WordPress

Software developers have done it for a long time now – for a limited time offered their services or products for free.

But that model wouldn’t seem to make sense for premium content, would it?  If you always offered your content for free for a limited time, it would seem that all someone would need to do is to check it out right after it was published.

And that’s true. That’s all they would need to do.

And yet this model has worked for some. One site that currently employs this strategy is the very successful entrepreneur interview site Mixergy.

Give access to premium content then shut it off with a pay wall.

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How To Build A Premium Content Site Using WordPress

From magazines and newspapers to bloggers, virtually every publisher aspires to make money from their content.

Creating a premium content site using WordPress is actually relatively straight-forward but there’s a lot to consider before you start building your site.

In this article we’ll look at how to approach creating and maintaining a premium content site and look at several potential technical implementations.

Subscriptions are now a common sight on the world's major publisher's websites

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