Personalizing WordPress: Show Avatars, Profiles, or Facebook Info to Visitors

If you have a site where your visitors need to register for one reason or another, then it’s good to remind them that they are part of your community.

You can do that in very large ways, like installing a complete social system such as BuddyPress, or you can do it in more subtle ways, like greeting them by name on the sidebar when they’re logged in and showing their avatar.

In this post, we’re going to go into the subtler ways.


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Save Time And Effort With Reusable WordPress Content

As WordPress site owners, we often find that we need to repeat the same content across posts and pages: advertisements and promotions, legal notices, special announcements, reproduction notices.

It may be content that needs to appear on every page or just particular posts but the point is we want to just want to create that item once and then have an easy way to include it wherever is appropriate.

In this WordPress Weekend Project, we’ll take at look at saving you valuable time and effort by creating and using reusable content.

Recycle symbol on the WWP logo

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Adding Custom Images Sizes to the WordPress Media Library

When you upload an image to the media library, WordPress creates a stores a range of different sizes for that images. These are: thumbnail, medium, large and full-size.

If you run a site where you need the images to be a specific size, such as an e-Commerce size where you need the images to be a particular size for uniformity, these defaults may not suit your needs.

For today’s Weekend WordPress Project, I’m going to show you how to add a custom image size to the media library.

Adding Custom Image Sizes
As I mentioned above, there are four default image sizes in WordPress:

Custom image sizes

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Aesop Story Engine: The Next Big Thing For WordPress?

The Aesop Story Engine plugin made a somewhat muted debut on the WordPress Plugin Repository this week.

It’s been well-received but is certainly not taking the WordPress community by storm (maybe it should have called itself the Ghost or Medium Story Engine?) but it should be as it puts high-production long-form storytelling in the hands of every WordPress owner.

And that could be enough to make it the Next Big Thing in WordPress.

Photo of library

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Join Us as an Awesome WordPress Plugin Developer

Fancy working on the leading edge of WordPress plugin development in a full-time and ongoing capacity?

Doing what you love, with people who you’ll love to work with?

With ‘no more clients’™, working from wherever you want, and good compensation too (we’ll also pay for you to go to WordCamps and take you on our bi-annual staff holiday :).

Well then, you’ll be interested in joining us as a WordPress plugin developer!


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5 Quick Ways to Speed Up Your WordPress Site

No one likes waiting around for a site to load, so much so that 40 per cent of people abandon a site that takes more than three seconds to load.

Slow page load speeds are especially crippling for eCommerce sites. Almost 80 per cent of shoppers who are dissatisfied with a site’s performance are less likely to buy from the same site again, while a one second delay decreases customer satisfaction by 16 per cent.

Even Google factors site speed into their algorithm when ranking websites. So if your site loads too slowly you can expect your Google rankings to fall, and in turn attract less traffic to your site.

So what can you do to make your site faster? Here are a few simple ways to keep your page load times low and your visitors happy.


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5 Beautiful WordPress Video Players

“Every video I’m in,” says Lady Gaga, “every magazine cover, they stretch you; they make you perfect. It’s not real life.”

No, m’lady, it’s not.

But that’s the curse we publishers suffer — we’d like to make things look better if possible. (And just as a side note, not to be picky, but the word “perfect” may have been a stretch there.)

Anyway, with that in mind, in this post we’re going to review and compare 5 WordPress video player plugins that are meant to make your videos look better.

Perfect? Maybe not.

Better? Hopefully.


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How Many Of These 7 UX Blunders Is Your WordPress Site Making?

Such is the often stunning visual quality of today’s WordPress themes that it’s easy to get carried away with the look of your site and spend little to no time focussing on how easy it is for visitors to use.

WPMU DEV’s resident user experience expert, Joji Mori, is on a mission to change that and like any seemingly impossible mission it starts with one small step, or in this case, site.

In fact, it starts with your site. So, take a deep breath and see how many of Joji’s 7 Biggest UX Blunders your site is making and how to fix them.

Photo of the controls from a standard front-loading washing machine

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Why We Moved From Vimeo Pro to Wistia – And Why You Should Too

Regular readers might be aware of my ongoing frustrations with the Vimeo Pro platform, specifically around https. In case you are new here (or had better things to fill your mind with), here’s the issue: they don’t do https, they won’t do https and so are practically worse than useless as a video provider for any online business that wants to show videos and accept payments.

And believe me, I brought this up, at length, frequently, sometimes in verse. With no joy.


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