[Plugin] Automatically Create a Featured Image for a WordPress Post

The featured image function in WordPress is great. Because so many themes take advantage of it these days, you are missing an opportunity to spruce up your site if you don’t take advantage of it as well.

The problem is that sometimes it’s easy to forget to upload the featured image. This is especially true for many clients or site users who have publishing permission. It’s also one more thing for them to learn and have to remember.

The Auto Featured Image plugin makes this problem go away. It automatically inserts the first image from your post into your featured image spot.

It also has the ability to do this for posts that were published before the plugin was installed. You will just need to go to the settings page for the plugin and click the one and only button. (Settings > Auto Featured Image)


And that’s it. Everything else is taken care of behind the scenes.

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Photo: Beautiful Sceneries in Photos on Green Field Background from BigStock

Comments (11)

  1. Unfortunately, it’s only interested in processing 22 posts for me which is a LONG shot from being all of them. It runs without error and says its done but 22 is absolutely not done. WP 3.3.1, Thesis 1.7.2 Continues to only process 22 when the site is put in maintenance mode and all other plugins than it are downed.

    • Kimberly – You might try marking it as not working on the WordPress plugin page, and then it will take you to the forums where you can post your issue. The plugin’s developer may be able to look into the problem for you if you do that.

  2. Update: This plugin will not work if the images are not located on your server. Have seen this problem with other methods/hacks, so perhaps the way to fix this would be to have the plugin author download the images and store them remotely, and then upload from this folder to attach as thumbnail.

    Obviously, this is less than desirable, because it removes the efficiency provided by a Content Delivery Network (CDN). Currently, there is no way to include an external image as a featured post image in WordPress.