Plugin Commander 1.1.1

Plugin Commander is a plugin management plugin for WPMU. It allow you to do the following things:

  • Mark any plugin in the plugins directory to be automatically activated for new blogs.
  • Mass activate or deactivate a plugin for all existing blogs
  • Choose which plugins users can activate and deactivate through Manage->Plugins, for this to make sense you need to disable the built-in plugins menu (through Site Admin->Options->Menus)
  • Activate and deactivate plugins for specific blogs, even if the blog owner is not allowed to control those plugins.

Installation: Extract into mu-plugins (plugin-commander.php should be straight in mu-plugins).

Change log Plugin Commander 1.1.1 (23/06/2008):

  • Fixed a bug with the translation file registration.
  • Norwegian translation contributed by Rune Gulbrandsoy
  • Spanish translation contributed by Jorge Ferrando
  • For the translation to work, you need to set WPLANG in wp-config.php
  •  There seems to be a bug in WPMU 1.3.3 and 1.5.1 that prevents the usage of translations. hopefully it will be resolved in future WPMU versions.

Download: Plugin Commander Homepage