Why You Should Never Search For Free WordPress Themes

Update #1: I have written a post about where you can find free WordPress themes. So once you get to the end of this and are suitably concerned you can check it out for some great places to find your themes.

Update #2: This post was originally written in 2011 but has been resurfaced due to its relevance and popularity within the community. Free WordPress themes with malicious characeristics are still prevalent and should be looked for and avoided.


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Web Hosting Review: So Just Who is the Best?

There are hundreds of thousands of web hosts out there and choosing just one is no easy task.

So to help you get your head around what’s out there, we posted comprehensive reviews of five of the most popular web hosts – Page.ly, Bluehost, Go Daddy, DreamHost and WP Engine – over the past two weeks. The reviews investigated each of the web host’s features, usability, speed and reliability, cost and support to help you decide which host would best suit you.

To look back at the reviews in this series:

Which WordPress Web Host?
Page.ly Review: Blazingly Fast Managed WordPress Hosting


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How to Build a Facebook-Style Members-Only WordPress-BuddyPress Site

The WordPress-Buddypress-Lockdown challenge
I often read about folks wanting to lockdown their WordPress-Buddypress site, and make it so that content is accessible to logged-in members only. Even more, many want to know how to redirect site visitors to a landing page like Facebook – with login and registration on the page – while still having some select content available to them.
Look no further folks. Today, we’re gonna git ‘er done!
Once we’re finished with this project, and depending on your chosen theme of course, your landing page should look quite similar to the screenshot at right.


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Want Premium WordPress Themes and Plugins For Free? It’s Easy!

All you have to do is send us a clever WordPress question, and you could win a 3 month membership at WPMU DEV, valued at $159.

That’s three months of access to the best WordPress technology on the market. Premium themes, professional-grade plugins, and a dedicated support team of WordPress experts – all for free!
How it works
For your chance to win a free membership at WPMU DEV, you just gotta follow these two simple steps.
Step One

How to get Premium WordPress Themes for free

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Theme Seller Reviews: Winners and Losers

Finding the perfect theme can be confusing and time consuming at the best of times with so many theme sellers out there – 1001 to be exact.

There’s a lot to consider before you hit the “Buy” button. Do you need a single theme or would a club membership offer better value for money? Do you need ongoing support? Do you need a theme that is feature-rich and fully customizable or something more basic and minimalistic?

Theme Seller Reviews Conclusion

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Comprehensive Review of 7 of the Most Popular WordPress Premium Theme Frameworks

Last updated: 9:45 am Eastern Time on December 12, 2012
(Also see Round 2)

About this Theme Review
When looking for a theme framework, I want to make sure it can handle any project that comes my way. I want to know my chosen theme framework inside and out. I don’t want to have to pick Genesis for this, Elegant Themes for that, and PageLines when “X”. I want to know it will work with MultiSite and popular plugins. I want page loading optimized, the ability to choose responsive or not, and a solid support channel for when I need help or want to flesh out some ideas.

PageLines, Thesis, Genesis, Headway Themes, Catalyst Theme, Elegant Themes, WooThemes

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How to Build a Web Hosting or Design Business with WordPress Multisite

Maybe you’ve had a talent for technology or design nearly all your life. Or maybe you just stumbled onto WordPress one day when looking to set up your own site. And then that one day led to another, and soon you were finding your way around the WordPress backend pretty well.

And then time and time again you started running into people who “wanted a website” but didn’t really have the first clue about how to build one. At some point it probably dawned you – Hey, I could make some money doing this.

Web Host vs. Designer: Which is right for you?

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Boring, Boring WordPress: Why WP is Falling Behind

Another week, another set of plans for a new WordPress release and another massive anti-climax.

Yet more confirmation that while Medium is reinventing how we publish online, people are freaking out about Ghost purely because it offers a nice, simple experience and third party platforms like Squarespace are ripping it up… WordPress continues to persist with an interface that looks like a database application from 2005, with some quasi-modern color changes.

Sure, WP may be powering 20% of the web and growing, but it’s standing still. Maneuvering more like an ocean liner than a zippy yacht.

Colleen was not impressed by the latest updates to WordPress

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WordPress Multisite with Nginx – How to set it all up and enjoy the blazing fast consequences

Recently, due to the many attacks launched on the internet, especially the botnet DDoS attacking WordPress hosts, I was forced to move some of my sites to a shared server — a virtual machine — with little memory and just a slice of one CPU core.

This required rethinking the whole strategy of hosting them: instead of having huge server with almost unlimited memory, disk space, many CPU cores, and infinite resources, I had to somehow extract the same amount of performance out of this tiny virtual server. How?


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