Prime the Traffic Pump by Preparing the Pictures in Your Posts for Pinners


Pinterest is not only the latest time-suck for the 18 – 35 female demographic – it’s also proving to be a pretty good traffic driver for marketers.

From funny pictures to product images, pinboards are filling up with photos linked to articles, product details and more. And, hey – who is going to argue with free traffic and viral distribution of your content?

So, here are 3 rules of thumb for preparing the pictures in your posts so that they are perfect for pinners (As you’ll see below, these 3 rules helped me drive 420 visits in one month!):

Rule of Thumb #1- Title Your Images

By default, when visitors click the “Pin It” button, Pinterest will grab the image title as the caption/description.

The pinner can edit this… but, by default, humans are lazy… so most pinners don’t change the caption.

This means that your title is likely to end up on Pinterest along with your image. Use the title to describe your picture, but don’t be afraid to add in some additional text to let others know that there’s more to see or read if they click on the image.

For example, the title of the image above (for those of you that haven’t pinned it yet!) is “3 Rules of Thumb for Getting Pictures Pinned and Repinned”.

As the photo gets repinned and liked, the caption will (in most cases) follow it – tempting everyone who sees it to wonder, “What are those 3 rules…?”


Rule of Thumb #2 – Get Creative With Your Image Choices

If you’ve been blogging for a while, you’re used to picking images for their SEO value. Having an image and using the image tags used to be enough. Even if you have been design-conscience in your image picks, you’ll have to get more strategic to get the repins flowing.

Pinterest is like a candy store… an eye candy store. Pinners are like the kids in that candy store, visually bombarded with bright colors and interesting shapes all begging for their attention. In order to stand out, you’ve gotta have the lollipop that sticks out and says, “Pick me!”

Both of these could be a featured image on a post about the benefits of blogging for avid WordPress fans. Which of these would you pin or repin? The boring blocks, or the interesting t-shirt print full of inside jokes?




Think about your audience. Pick pictures that will appeal to them and that they will want to post for all to see.

Rule of Thumb #3 – Ask for a Pin

Your visitors aren’t thinking about your traffic… but you should be. So, while you’ve got their attention, remind them that they can impress their friends with the amazing finds they’ve uncovered on your site.

  • Turn on the “Pin It” button in your social sharing plugin.
  • Add a “View this Pin on Pinterest” link under your image to send them to the image pinned on your own Pinboards. (This, BTW, is also a great way to build your follower base on Pinterest!)
  • Add a “Pin It” button to your site using Pinterest’s Goodies.


So, why should you go through these extra steps to get your pictures primed for Pinterest? This graph says it all:


This is the monthly Pinterest-referred traffic for a client of mine from January – May of this year. There were 22 referrals in January and 450 in May.

In early May, she said, “Yeah – we pin all of our posts to Pinterest, but it’s not getting us much traffic.”

In just under a month, by employing the three rules of thumb above we got the Pinterest traffic pipeline running.

So, you’ve got nothing to lose and a lot of potential traffic to gain. Get pinning!


Photos: Thumbs Up and My Blog from Pixmac. WP-Attitude from Flickr.