Re-branding WordPress MU

Well, you know about my passion for giving back, and I’m proud to say that I haven’t worked on a project where we haven’t credited WP with some real live linkage, but sometimes you just wanna make your WordPress MU install a little more ‘your own’ – and remove the WordPress branding, links to the codex and that awful browsehappy button :)

Well, let me introduce our new re-branding WordPress MU plugin!

There are six core plugins in the pack, all of which you just have to drop into mu-plugins (one by one, not all at once) which allow you to:

  • change the footer text in the admin area via Site Admin > Options
  • change the ‘help content’ that slides down all AJAXy via Site Admin > Options
  • change the ‘login’ image via Site Admin > Login Image
  • remove the ‘browse happy’ sticker in the bottom right for IE users
  • remove the wp dashboard widgets
  • remove the ‘permaliinks’ configuration options (not strictly branding but annoying all the same

Once you’ve done that you need to manually edit the following image files (naturally we can’t make yer logo for ya :):

and maybe wp-includes/wordpress-admin-bar/themes/grey/grey.css

And you’re all set!

Remember to give credit where it matters though… on the public facing areas of your site.