Reorder WordPress Posts, Pages and Custom Post Types with Drag and Drop Capabilities

WordPress generally displays your posts and pages in order of the date published. Rearranging their order can become quite tedious if you’re depending on changing dates and times.

The Post Types Order plugin provides a solution to this problem. It allows you to order post types objects (posts, pages, custom post types) using a drag and drop sortable Javascript capability.

After you install the plugin a re-order link will appear in each post type section and this is where you will go when you want to sort the order.

The Post Types Order plugin has received great reviews and a five star rating on Download it today from the repository if you need a way to quickly reorder your posts and pages.

Comments (20)

  1. The posts are not showing in the Re-order page. I get a message from the plugin. And the Update button. But no posts list. Anybody else with that problem?

  2. i installed your plugin
    the re-order item appears in the menu under posts
    i can reorder the posts and update
    it saves the order because if i go back to “re-order” later the posts are in the new order

    but the actual posts are not reordered in the blog
    this is on a “network” site

    thanks for any ideas
    ken tyler

  3. further research reveals that the reordering works on other sites on the network, but fails on the first one i tried it on… the only difference i can see is that it has more posts (28)… the posts are in the right order when i click on “on posts” in the dashboard… they just don’t change when i look at the site..maybe its some kind of cashing issue

  4. Seems like a great plugin, but could you check the database for the user roles?

    For example in my current project, I need to have custom roles (I use Justin Tadlock’s Members plugin). Your plugin has the roles hard coded, so I needed to adjust it.

    Should be a pretty easy fix, you can have a look at the wp_user_roles entry in the wp_options tables.

    global $wpdb;
    $prefix = $wpdb->get_blog_prefix();
    $user_roles = get_option( $prefix . 'user_roles' );
    foreach( $user_roles as $key => $value) {
    // The html for your role select options

  5. Great plugin and works fine on Multisite. Just wondering if there is an easy way to set the default settings automatically?

    When I “network active” this plugin, every admin of the newly created site needs to go to Settings Page, make the configuration and save it.

    Any idea how to automate this without showing the default warning?

  6. I realize this is a 3 year old article but it still tops a lot of Google charts on the subject. Let’s talk about easy mode though.

    1. You need to sort posts. You’d really like it to work in the actual admin, so you grab a copy of the “Simple Page Ordering” plugin.

    2. You read in the FAQ that you can make posts sortable using a bit of code in your functions.php.

    add_post_type_support( ‘post’, ‘page-attributes’ );

    3. Problem is, this becomes a ticking time bomb in your blog. You only wanted to sort a custom post type called “books”… what to do?

    add_post_type_support( ‘books’, ‘page-attributes’ );

    And you’re all set. Sortable custom post types without all the extra interface.