Create Job Postings And Manage Resume Submissions On Your WordPress Blog

Create Job Postings And Manage Resume Submissions On Your WordPress BlogEvery now and then, a plugin comes along that just gets it right. I won’t beat around the bush - Resumé Submissions & Job Postings is one such plugin.

If you want an easy way of posting job listings and handling resumé submissions, it could be the perfect solution. It provides you with an extremely simple way of creating job postings and a resumé submission form. There are a whole swathe of customization settings so that you can mold the plugin to meet your specific needs.

But don’t just take my word for it – let’s take a look at its capabilities in detail.

Creating A Job Posting

The plugin has a Job Postings page, which (as you might expect) is where you create and manage all of your job postings:

Job Postings

Creating job postings is much like writing a page or post, with a limited version of the TinyMCE text editor:

Job Posting

Once you have created your job postings, just use the [jobPostings] shortcode in a page or post to display them:

Available Jobs

When you click through to a job posting, the relevant information will be displayed, in addition to a resumé submission button:

Available Jobs

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Creating A Resumé Submission Form

In order for the resumé submission button to actually work, you need to create a page, include the [resumeForm] shortcode, and link to it via the plugin’s settings screen.

Once you have done that, it is simply a case of customizing the form to suit your needs. On the Input Fields screen, you can choose which fields to display and whether or not they need to be filled in:

Input Fields

The appropriate resumé form will then display on your chosen page.

Browsing Resumés

The plugin will send you an email whenever a resumé is submitted. You can view and manage them via the Resumé Submissions screen:

Resume Submissions

As you can see, there is a search feature, and you can also filter the resumés by the jobs they were submitted for. Clicking on the View/Edit button will take you through to a screen where you can view all of the submitted information for a specific resumé:

Resumé Submissions

Additional Functionality

Resumé Submissions & Job Postings has a few other features that I have not touched upon above, including:

  • Export resumés as PDF
  • Job postings widget
  • Confirmation emails (customizable)
  • Support for Captcha
There are also future features planned, such as the ability to add custom fields to the resumé form.

In short, this plugin does a great job of creating and managing job postings and resumé submissions. It allows you to have a fully-fledged system in place within minutes.

Download Resumé Submissions & Job Postings here.

Creative Commons photo courtesy of Tess Aquarium

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