Revolution Slider: A Premium Drag and Drop Slider for WordPress

Revolution Slider is a new premium slider available in both jquery (for your standard html sites), and as a plugin for your WordPress powered website.

It offers an impressive feature set including:

  • Unlimited Slides
  • Unlimited Caption Layers
  • CSS Animation with a fallBack to jQuery
  • Vimeo & YouTube video
  • Drag and Drop layering
Here are a few examples of what Revolution Slider can do on your website:
Revolution Slider in Post. Click image to enlarge.
Revolution Slider Full Width
Full Width Slider. Click image to enlarge.

Slide Editing

Revolution slider taps into your media library for photos, videos, or links placement inside sliders.

After a slide is added, it can be edited using the slider settings page where you can control things like slide transitions, slide change speed, shadowing, and slide navigation.

It comes packed with dozens of standard slide transitions you’ve come to expect from a quality slider, plus the ability to edit CSS of each individual slide. Slides can also be displayed as thumbnails, in nav bar style, or just as simple bullets.

Revolution Slider Panel Settings
Click Image to enlarge

Slider Text Overlays

In older sliders, you’d have to edit individual images to include that text, and then set the image (with text) in the slider plugin. It takes longer in the editing phase and requires alot of work to update simple text displays.

Revolution Slider allows text overlays to be placed on the slide independent of images. This makes it much easier to update slider text for dynamic products, services, or other offerings on your site.

Click Image to enlarge

This feature has become standardized on most current premium sliders, but where Revolution Slider excels is in its ability to drag and drop the text overlays as individual layers anywhere on your slide.

Drag and Drop Functionality

Rather than having to hard code layer position with CSS, or be forced to set x-y coordinates inside the actual slide, Revolution Slider lets you place your layers using your mouse. You can drag and drop layers anywhere on the visible slide, and even layer them on top of each other.

Drag and Drop Layer Editor. Click image to enlarge

This allows you to create some really unique sliders when combining text items that fly in with stationary images and video. It also allows you to create a virtual video wall, by which your slider can contain multiple videos on the same screen.

Multiple Videos on One Slider. Click image to enlarge.


Slider Responsiveness

Perhaps the plugin’s most impressive feature is its responsive nature. With many sliders, the code throws off formatting on mobile displays no matter how “responsive” the theme might be. But with Revolution Slider, multiple size displays can be configured in the slider settings panel for more customization based on various screen sizes, mobile devices, or to make the slider change fit better with certain web components.

The images below show the slider in both vertical and horizontal mode on my Android device, but it works just as well on the iPhone.

Revolution Slider Responsive Mobile
Click image to enlarge


Revolution Slider Responsive Mobile
Click image to enlarge

Slides can be transitioned with a simple finger swipe, buttons work well, and text shows up crystal clear.

As mobile browsing gets ever more popular, admins who currently have slider displays on their websites will be forced to upgrade to responsive sliders, and Revolution Slider is a great new offering in this category.


Revolution Slider is a premium slider, so you’ll have to shell out a few bucks to use it on your site, but it’s a great new entry in the WordPress slider category and definitely worth checking out.

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    Daniel Moore

    Essentially this is creating a slideshow or presentation similar to SlideRocket. My research will have to continue to include both methods for presenting interactive concepts in WordPress.

    Org Spring

    I suppose you could look at it like that, but this (and most other premium sliders) offer more interactive features and html layering, which most slideshows do not.I think the slider options are easier to configure as well.

    Thanks for the comment.

      Org Spring

      It is indeed, Rick. I installed it on both a stock installation of wordpress running a basic theme and inside a Thesis Feature Box called with the PHP tag used in custom functions. Both worked equally well and took less than 5 minutes to setup.

      I’m actually planning on using it on a site I’m working on now, and as I understand it the developers are working on some new features that will be out in an update soon that will really make this slider stand out from the crowd of other sliders. I’ll write more about that soon!

      Thanks for stopping in.

        Yusef Ali

        I have purchased this slider on the reviews given for the following functionality:

        1) Drag and Drop for layered slides
        2) Responsive to window size

        I have tested this slider on two responsive framework themes, Pagelines and the soon to be released Responsive Builder.

        On both it breaks the block/section, it is a mess and the reason appears to be due to very poor coding on the part of the plugin.

        Nivo Slider works elegantly with both responsive framework themes and feedback I have had indicates other responsive sliders are working smoothly too.

        I will be looking at Layered Slider, virtually the same as Revolution, with the feedback I have received from fellow testers that it actually works with the responsive framework themes and does not break out of the block/sections.


          Thanks for the Feedback Yusef. I have not run the slider on those two frameworks yet.
          I have run it in a few stock themes and it works well, in addition, I have it running in several older versions of thesis framework as well as the new thesis 2.0 on a few responsive test sites local and live. No issues there yet – and responsivity is hitting the right marks without breaking.

          I agree with you that Nivo slider is very clean and lean slider. I don’t think it’s as easy for clients to manage than some of the premium sliders. But, to your point, if the slider breaks the theme, management becomes less of an issue.

          Hopefully the developers see this note and comment.


          Hi Yusef,

          we are the guys responsible for the “poor coding” of the plugin :D

          It would be awesome if you could contact us with a link to a troubled installation so we can check want went wrong there because we have not heard or read of this problem from any other user (as you can see in our example list in the item description there are plenty of responsive themes using the slider).

          We are really looking forward to work this out with the themes you use! Please use our contact box at

          Cheers from your Team @ ThemePunch

            Yusef Ali

            Hello ThemePunch,

            Owe you an apology on stating the code is a mess, I meant the end result are a mess on the two framework themes. I have no site of the code so have no right to make a comment on it.

            However, the issues are there and the end results are a mess.

            I will do the following:

            1) set up the test I carried out using Pagelines
            2) provide you the contact at iThemes you need to chat to wrt to Responsive Builder

            Will provide the details in the contact link you have given.

            Kind regards,



            no offense taken :)

            We really do not want that using our slider leads to a mess on any site or in anyframework! So we are very thankful for the opportunity you are about to give us and the great help you are providing!

            Thanks a million! Cheers from you Team @ ThemePunch

    Gil Friend

    I’m liking Revolution Slider, but need some help: How can I make a link open a new page (not just change page)? (Since there’s no place to put “target=” code.



      I’m not sure you can, as the slider stands now – the setting just asks for an overall slide based URL link – no html allowed there.
      With that said, you can get it done with some javascript, but that’s a pain. If you need that code, let me know and I’ll send it over.
      I’ll send a note to the slider devs – they might be able to include this feature in a future version.

      Theme Punch


      Yes it was a small issue in the older version of the slider. In the new version (2.0) which is available since 15th of Nov, you can set a target as _blank or _self on the main slide links (use the drop down list for this), and you can use any kind of target and url per caption (image, caption text or iframe).

      If you wish to get more info, or need support here, please do not hesitate to write us via our contact box

      Thanks a lot and have a great day !

      Cheers from your Team @ ThemePunch


        Good to know, ThemePunch. That sounds perfect.
        Now if I can just figure out how to update it…

      Org Spring

      Create one slide then in the slide setting panel duplicate that slide.
      You can remove nav arrows if you don’t like them to show. I then it will slide between the two identical slides

    Damian Biliński

    I’m wrinting on behalf of my client who purchased your plugin. The problem is the plugin doesn’t work with the theme my client is using. But it works fine with Twenty Eleven, so I suppose there must be a conflict with active theme. Do you have any suggestions which help me find the conflict reasons? Any tips will be useful. Where to start from?

    I’ve already tried with different options under Troubleshooting/”JQuery No Conflict Mode” settings – no success though.


      Thanks for the comment. I haven’t had any issues with the plugin yet on any themes, but someone else did make a comment about the plugin not working on one of the theme frameworks – I think it was pagelines. I think the developers of the plugin were in touch with them, but I’m not positive. You might want to leave a support request on the site where you purchased the plugin or with the developers directly. They’re very quick to respond to support requests and very helpful. Good luck.


    The plugin is amazing, you can see their full potential in Cosmox, ThemeForest theme store !

    More was developed without thinking of UI

    The controls are complicated, takes you to understand how it works, to create a new slide, how to add pictures !

    The paths for each addition are difficult to access

    These points should be thought



    I dont understand why you wrote a review on this plugin on wpmu. Because the plugin is not at all wpms or wpmu compatible.

    In a multisite the plugin fails 100% and gives multisite users the ability to edit and change each others slider items.

    Moreover they can just delete them.

    Please explain why this review on this product is in the

    Kind Regards,

      Craig Grella


      Of course, the plugins and themes we develop are all guaranteed to work with the very latest version of wordpress and multisite, we do not restrict our articles topics to just multisite.

      thanks for taking the time to read the site and leave a comment, and I’m sorry you’re having troubles with this cool slider.

      I have the slider working on a multisite installation currently, and have had it working on other multisite installations in the past. Also, I understand the developers released a very recent version which added additional multisite support. You might try checking to make sure you’re running the most recent version, and if not contact the developers for updates.

      Also, they’ve been very quick to help with support questions. You might try pinging them there as well. If you’ve found a bug they’ll be quick to fix it.



    I am having trouble with Revolution Slider. The text layers don’t seem to want to wrap. It is as if they think the slider is longer than it really is.

    Here is the site:

    The slide with the Bucky Book ad is an example of what is happening.



      First, you should get in touch with the plugin developers and ask for their help.

      I have this plugin and one thing it definitely is not is truly ‘Responsive’, it is ‘Adaptive’ which means you must set the parameters for when responds to a screens size.

      Oddly, in practice ‘Adaptive’ is a better option than ‘Responsive’ as:
      1) Visitors rarely change the window sizes, they just want the website to fit to the screen
      2) By setting the parameters you have greater control of what it will look like on various screen sizes.

      Reason you are not seeing the wrapping is you have probably reduce the screen size to a grey area where you have not specified the screen size parameters.

      I use Opera Mobile, which allows me to set various screen sizes for PC, Tablet and Mobile, from this I get the parameters for the three screen sizes, set them and all is OK.

      As long as your website works on these three screen sizes then you do not have an issue.

      However, the developers do need to emphasise that the plugin is not really ‘Responsive’ in the true sense and emphasise it responds to set screen sizes.

      Hope that helps,

    Craig Grella

    I’m using the latest chrome browser to view your site and it appears to be working fine on your test site. The text in your slider is resizing and keeping the same aspect ratio throughout the sizes as you shrink or expand.
    Were you expecting different behavior?


    Probably not the best place to ask this question, but, are there similar plugins (sliding images+text overlays with an admin backend) for ASP.NET?


    I’ve been using RevolutionSlider at Looks great, but I’m concerned that slides change before people can click ‘em. I’ve seen some sliders (carousels?) that have progress buttons across the bottom, and are manually triggered. Can RevolutionSlider be made to do that, or do I need to replace it? (If so, any suggestions of a good replacement?)

    PS: Where can I find the latest version for an update?


    I am not sure if this is a real bug, but when I create a slider with a YouTube video:

    on firefox (19.0.2)… on MAC OSX, I am not able to start the video.

    Is there a known issue? Seems to work on all other platforms/ browsers.


      One observation: if you use the scroll button (middle button on my mouse) it will start the video in FF. If you try using the normal left button… nothing.




    I’m using this on my site here:

    When I have an image setup with a link and click it – the slider will stop working and just turn grey.

    Do you know why this is? (e.g. if the link was to an external site) at the moment I’ve made them all internal links, but if you CTRL + click it will open in a new window and you’ll see how the slider breaks.

    How can this be fixed?


    I uploaded an image, then resized it a couple of times and reuploaded it. On the third time, I started seeing the error, “View (sliders) Error: Field Image should not be empty”

    Now the homepage is completely blank, and I’m not able to view any sliders at all on the Revolution Sliders tab at all, so I can’t delete that slider, can’t edit it, I’m stuck.

    Using the Builder Theme, and everything’s been working fantastically until this morning. Help!


      I have had the same exact problem and have not been able to figure out why it happened. Anyone out there know?


    Question: I’ve got a video product that I want to embed in the slider but I don’t see any indication as to whether or not it’s possible to use a video that’s not in Youtube or Vimeo.

    Here is an example of the embed code for the me!box interactive video product:

    Would I be able to embed code like this and have it work in the Revolution Slider?

    Thanks for the help.


      It looks like it strips JS out of posts here is the embed code without the script opening and closing tags: type=’text/javascript’ src=’′>



    I have installed on my wordpress Slider Revolution. I’ve done all the steps for you to run, but when opening the page can not see the photos, leave loading. Please can you tell me how to fix it, or if I’m using a version that is not compatible with the slider?

    my page to see the error:


    I am having trouble when adding a link to an image layer. It will open the link just fine on my computer, but on mobile devices, the links are broken. I can see that my phone and tablet recognize that there is an there, but nothing happens.

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