ScribeFire Now Available For Chrome

ScribeFire now available as a Chrome extensionGood news for WordPress bloggers who use Google’s web browser: the popular ScribeFire blogging tool is now available as a Chrome extension.

If you’re not familiar with ScribeFire, it’s basically a blog editor that lives inside your browser, and allows you to post to multiple blogs without having to visit the individual back ends.

Especially handy if you’re running blogs on two or more different platforms, like WordPress and TypePad. You can manage all of your writing from within the basic ScribeFire interface.

It was previously only available as a FireFox add-on, but with the latest release you can now access ScribeFire on Chrome, Opera and Safari.

If you’re an avid blogger who prefers the Chrome browser, I highly recommend you take ScribeFire for a test drive.

Image credit: Computer with blog key from Bigstockphoto.