ScribeFire Now Available For Chrome

ScribeFire now available as a Chrome extensionGood news for WordPress bloggers who use Google’s web browser: the popular ScribeFire blogging tool is now available as a Chrome extension.

If you’re not familiar with ScribeFire, it’s basically a blog editor that lives inside your browser, and allows you to post to multiple blogs without having to visit the individual back ends.

Especially handy if you’re running blogs on two or more different platforms, like WordPress and TypePad. You can manage all of your writing from within the basic ScribeFire interface.

It was previously only available as a FireFox add-on, but with the latest release you can now access ScribeFire on Chrome, Opera and Safari.

If you’re an avid blogger who prefers the Chrome browser, I highly recommend you take ScribeFire for a test drive.

Image credit: Computer with blog key from Bigstockphoto.

Comments (3)

    • My last post wasn’t very clear and I can’t edit it so I’ll expand a bit here.

      According to what I read, this app is able to access things like communications with your bank. That’s a pretty big risk to take for a lot of people.


      “This item can read every page that you visit — your bank, your web email, your Facebook page, and so on. Often, this kind of item needs to see all pages so that it can perform a limited task such as looking for RSS feeds that you might want to subscribe to.”


      Too bad. Sounds like a great app, but there has to be a better way of doing something like this without exposing your entire life to *God knows who*.

      • That’s a fair point you raise – there will always be a certain element of risk involved in using a third party app that can access your data.

        I think the most important thing is to thoroughly evaluate any app before you use it. Is the author credible? What other apps have they created? What kind of reviews does the app get? That sort of thing.

        I’m generally willing to take a limited amount of risk with a useful app from a credible, well-known source – but I guess that’s a matter of personal taste.

        Thanks for the comment!