Smooth Slider – WPMU and BuddyPress Plugin Contest Entry

Smooth Slider is a free WordPress plugin to create a dynamic slideshow on your blog with featured posts. The Slider created by this plugin is JavaScript and text based which will provide you full benefits of search engine indexing. The output is already checked with Lynx browser where one can see the webpage in the same way as the search engine does.

Here are some important features of Smooth Slider,

  1. Search Engine Optimized Slider on single click
  2. Three tags available. One for normal slideshow on page, second for automatic category wise slideshow and third for selective/manual category slideshow
  3. Full Customization of CSS Available
  4. Automatic insertion of Images from the post or custom selection as well
  5. Convert into only Image Slider or Slider with text and title
  6. No Need Of Knowledge of PHP, HTML or CSS
  7. Slider Preview in admin panel

And many more.

WordPress MU admin can install this plugin to promote posts from different blogs on the main domain or he/she may choose to show featured posts on each blog as his requirements.

Download Smooth Slider

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Comments (8)

  1. @ovidiu Yes, currently we have only the manual insertion of template tag option. This is because, many people have varied type of theme designs, and most of the bloggers have all different requirements for the featured posts slider. Like some of us want it to be displayed on front page, some on category pages, also I have some notes which state that people are using it in sidebar. So, it was very difficult to guess the exact hook to which I could have tied the function.
    But yours is a great suggestion, and I will definitely look more deeper into it to find out some universal way, so that who do not wish to make any changes to their template files can also be comfortable to use this plugin. Thanks for your valuable inputs.

    @James Thanks a lot for your wishes. I love this blog, its design, its content and the way you write…and all that offers! It is my pleasure that I could develop this tiny resource and could contribute to this vast open source community. Thanks again for starting this contest and giving opportunity to us, developers, to spread our work. Hope I get some good votes in this contest!
    I am having a question, in your contest post you have mentioned something about the badge. How can I get it?

  2. tejaswini,
    a very good plan indeed. cute profile is good too. but a widget version of smooth slider is really good. To start with atleast users can add them to sidebars.

  3. @suresh hmm..I too feel the widget option is a very good idea. Thanks for posting this suggestion, that are all the suggestions and inputs which would help make this Plugin a good and useful resource on WordPress. Long live WordPress.