Snazzy FT Calendar Plugin Released & Ready to Rock Your WordPress Site

Update: Check out the new WPMU DEV Appointments + plugin for some serious appointment booking and management goodness!

Full Throttle Development has released its new FT Calendar Plugin for WordPress 3.1 and PHP5, making it easy and stylish to manage multiple calendars and recurring events on your website.

Since its release last week, FT Calendar has already been downloaded nearly 600 times and is averaging full five star ratings.

Some of the key features include:

  • Recurring Events
  • Multiple Color Labels
  • Multiple Shortcodes and Widgets
  • Full sized calendar
  • Sexy Google Calendar UI
  • Events can be attached to any Post, Page, or custom post type

Once you’ve installed, simply create a calendar, choose what post types you want to attach your calendar events to, and voila. Your new calendar interface will show up towards the bottom of your selected post type, and you can easily start adding events.

The best feature of this WordPress appointment booking plugin is the many choices of shortcode/widgets for displaying your calendars as posts, in sidebars or wherever else you like. It is this design flexibility that truly makes FT Calendar shine. Who knew that calendars could actually add some flair to your website’s design?

Check out a couple examples of the numerous ways FT Calendar’s shortcodes can help you display your appointments and events:

Month Display
Display Events

And if all of this isn’t cool enough for you, Full Throttle also offers premium support for users who chose to donate, as well as custom development if your site requires a few special alterations to make your calendar dreams come true.

FT Calendar matches full functionality with clean design for a one-two punch of awesome on your WordPress site. For more complete step-by-step description of adding and displaying your FT Calendars, check out the handy Quick Start Guide.

Comments (8)

  1. Actually, it doesn’t make any difference what browser I use. I also had to go into the code to change the color of the calendar, but needless to say, when I updated the plugin, the color went back to default. My client does NOT want that color so I guess I’ll have to change it each time unless you add that feature.

    Also, unless I haven’t found it, I’d love to be able to hover over the date to see what’s there versus having to click on it.

    Great plugin!

  2. I’ve managed to get the color labels working. I uninstalled and reinstalled and that seemed to fix it. But now I have another problem I have 2 events that will occur during Arpril and May on Sun & Mon. Since the are at different times, I added 2 separate repeating event. The Wednesday one will show but not the Sunday one. This is really important…any ideas? Didn’t have this problem until the last upgrade.

  3. Hello, I am using this plugin on a site and my client is having a problem viewing the arrows in IE8 when I view it in IE they come up fine, I am not sure if this is a character encoding problem but I am not sure how to resolve it. Can you help?