StrapPress: A Responsive Twitter Bootstrap Theme for WordPress

If you haven’t yet tried Bootstrap from Twitter, you’ll be amazed at how quickly you can crank out a simple, responsive website. Bootstrap is a complete kit of HTML, CSS, and Javascript for some of the most common user interface components and interactions of modern websites. Add that to WordPress and you’ve got a CMS with tons of ready-made front-end elements to support your content publishing power.

StrapPress: WordPress + Twitter Bootstrap

StrapPress is a new responsive WordPress theme that aims to deliver all of this and more. It’s a professionally-supported Bootstrap theme that ships with all the Twitter Bootstrap goodies packed in. Built with tons of easy-to-use features for your average WordPress user, StrapPress incorporates everything you get with Twitter Bootstrap but with a focus on presentation and usability for WordPress.

StrapPress features:

  • Two different homepage layouts with widget areas
  • Twelve different page templates including a contact form and sitemap
  • A theme options page to easily change styles, layouts, and content without having to look at any code
  • Lightbox functionality automatically added to images and video inserted into pages/post
  • Gallery template that is fully customizable with different layouts and styles
  • Eight widget areas on varies page templates
  • Social icons easily added to the header, footer, or both

All of the HTML and JS Bootstrap elements have been conveniently placed within WordPress shortcodes for ease of use. You’ve got built-in shortcodes available for typography, code, blockquotes, tables, buttons, icons, tabs, labels, alerts, tooltips, popovers, progress bars and more!

The buttons come in all kinds of styles, sizes, and functionality:

Alerts are nicely-styled and ready to use via a shortcode:

StrapPress even includes a shortcode for creating a simple carousel:

Galleries within StrapPress are slick, responsive and easily-sortable:

These are just a few of the features you can implement on your site in a matter of seconds via the StrapPress shortcodes. As you can see, it’s packaged with lots of fantastically easy-to-use UI elements for quickly creating and customizing your own WordPress site. StrapPress is available for $35, which includes professional support. Check out a live demo of StrapPress to see it in action.