WPMU DEV Affiliate Program Goes Public: Non-Members Can Now Earn Cash From Referrals

This week we’re excited to announce that the WPMU DEV Affiliate program is now open to everyone, even if you don’t currently have a WPMU DEV subscription.

Because we offer a generous 33% of all sales, our affiliate program has been very popular with our members so far. Successful affiliates are earning hundreds of dollars per month. As an affiliate you stand to make between $26.07 and $138.27 per new signup at WPMU DEV.


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9 WordPress Affiliate Plugins That Bring In The Cash

Affiliate marketing sounds so simple.  Just find a program, sign up, grab a link, and make money.  But as with child rearing, telling a joke, and golf, it seems that it should be a lot easier than it really is.  Finding trustworthy programs and keeping your links live can be difficult and detract from what you should be doing: attracting users with awesome content.  Here is a roundup of some affiliate plugins for your WordPress website that will make the process easier and bring in the cash.

Affiliate Marketing Can Be The Goose That Laid The Golden Egg

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Cloak Your Links And Protect Your Revenue

There are really two irritants (well, there are many, but these are the ones I am looking at today) for the website owner who is linking to something from their site.  If you are offering a paid download, it can be easy for others to use your link to gain access to your downloadable products.  If you are part of an affiliate marketing program, it is easy for people to be scared off by an intimidating and unusual looking affiliate link. Either way, you are out of a sale through no fault of your own.  The best way to avoid those outcomes is to cloak your links so that their real paths are harder to guess and less intimidating.  There are two great plugins below that can help you to do just that and then some.

Protect Your Content From Piracy With Cloaked Links.

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5 Geolocation Plugins To Help You Find Your Customers

What Can Geolocation Do For You?
With the introduction of this and other similar user-friendly geolocation plugins (great explanation of what it does here), the challenge of discovering where your visitors/users/customers are coming from and directing them to content that meets their needs has largely been met.   A host of new plugins are now working on trying to extend the functions and uses of geolocation for your WordPress website.

Dynamic Backgrounds

Geolocation Can Help You Find You Customers And Your Customers Find You

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3 Steps to Turning Your WordPress Blog into a Profitable Membership Site

When you first started your WordPress blog, you were probably dreaming of creating a passive income online. What could be better than building a business that makes money even while you’re on vacation, spending time with your family, or while you’re sleeping?

Yet, as it turns out, building a membership site is no easy task. First, you need traffic. Then you need dependable technology. Then you have to convert your visitors into paying members.


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5 Free Amazon Plugins To Ring In Some Cash

It’s only natural that the world’s biggest online store has the world’s biggest affiliate program. And if you’re not trying to cash in on it, well now’s a good time to start as any!

Here to help you get started are 5 free plugins for Amazon associates.
Amazon Link
Provides options to insert Amazon product links in your site’s Pages, Posts and Widgets and Templates. The plugin adds a helper tool to the Post and Page administrative pages of your WordPress site that can be used to generate shortcodes easily and quickly.


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How I Made $15,000 from One Magical Money-Making Blog Post

No, I didn’t make $15,000 from one blog post. But Yasmine Mustafa did. Actually, she’s now made over $17,000 from that one post, and she talked about it at WordCamp Philly and the subsequent video titled, “How I Made $15,000+ From One Blog Post.”

Below is a video of her talk. Because it lasts about forty minutes, I’ve gone through and pulled out some of the major areas she discussed along with notes on each. You will find a time stamp beside the title for each section that marks the approximate place in the video where that section begins.


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