How to Use AJAX in WordPress to Load Search Results

AJAX is a very powerful and flexible tool that allows developers to create more streamlined applications. It can be used for a wide range of purposes such as verifying login credentials or loading content. The main benefit of AJAX is that it is asynchronous; the whole page does not need to be reloaded in order for it to receive new data.

WordPress is well-equipped for AJAX, it has a great mechanism for working with it allowing you to implement AJAX functionality with little fuss. In this article I’ll take you through the basics of AJAX and create a very simple extension that pulls in search results using AJAX in Twenty Fourteen.


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How To Have Paragraph Commenting Just Like Medium

Paragraph commenting, or annotations is not exactly new. Readers have been scribbling in the margins of books, magazines and uni assignments for years.

The online world has been slow to adopt this approach which is perhaps why Medium caused a stir and no shortage of admiring looks when it went the annotation route.

Well, admire forlornly no more because I’m going to show you how to add paragraph commenting to your WordPress site.

Photo of a manuscript with a note in the margin

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Boost time-on-site by auto-loading new posts like and Medium

Are you finding that despite your considerable efforts to drive traffic to your WordPress site, the bounce rate and time-on-site stubbornly refuse to improve as your visitors read that one page then move on?

Take a leaf out of the books of mega sites and Medium and get proactive. Don’t wait for the reader to click for a new post, put it right in front of them. Automatically. And give them every reason to stay a little longer.

Let me show you how.

We all want our visitors to spend time with us because we're interesting

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Do Naked WordPress And Web Apps Mean The End For Mobile Themes?

The dominance of theme-driven delivery of WordPress content to readers has been virtually unchallenged over the last ten years.

But Atlantic Media’s Quartz has shown that web apps can not only match but surpass themes in providing a great end-user experience.

In this article, we’ll consider the advantages of delivering WordPress content via a web app, look at how to deliver your site using a web app with a proof-of-concept and ponder whether the days of the traditional WordPress theme are numbered.

Web apps offer plenty of advantages when delivering WordPress content to mobile users

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Get Some Sexy AJAX Functionality With These Free WordPress Plugins

If you pay much attention to trends and developments in the WordPress universe, you’ve no doubt heard something about the web programming technique known as Ajax, and how it can be used to make your WordPress site more dynamic, engaging and downright sexy.

If you haven’t, then it’s high time you got schooled.

The mighty Ajax

Use these free Ajax-powered plugins on your WordPress site

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Sticky Clicky Star Plugin Makes it Easy to Manage WordPress Sticky Posts

Sticky Clicky Star sounds like a band name, doesn’t it? It’s actually a plugin for WordPress that makes managing sticky posts easier than ever!
What are sticky posts?
Sticky Posts came to WordPress in version 2.7, allowing you to mark a post to be placed at the top of the front page of posts. Many themes utilize the sticky posts feature to display “featured posts.”
Turn sticky posts on and off with 1 click!


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Build Your Own BuddyPress Plugin with the Newly Updated BuddyPress Skeleton Component

There’s good news for BuddyPress plugin developers this week! The BuddyPress Skeleton Component has been revamped and updated to be compatible with BuddyPress 1.5.
What is the BuddyPress Skeleton Component?
The skeleton component is the bare bones of a basic BuddyPress component, packaged as a plugin. Although it’s listed as a plugin in the WordPress repository, it doesn’t have any specific function on its own. The skeleton component is more of a tool for getting you started on creating your own component. It makes it easy for you to get your component:

Registering activity stream items
Posting notifications
Setting up widgets
Adding AJAX functionality


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Add Drag and Drop Image Uploading to WordPress

Here’s a tip that applies to WordPress users across the board – from casual bloggers to power publishers with dozens of posts per day. The Magn WP Drag and Drop Upload gives you the ability to automagically upload your images to WordPress posts, using HTML5 and an drag and drop upload script. It’s based on the Ajax Upload plugin developed by Valums.

Check out the drag and drop upload in action:


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