WordPress, Drupal and Open Source Dominate 2012 Presidential Campaign Websites

With the election season heating up and the Iowa Caucuses happening in less than 48 hours, I thought it might be fun to take a look at the open source CMS platforms behind a few of the biggest names in American politics. Of course, the CMS has probably doesn’t have much relevance to the success of a candidate, but I thought it would be interesting to see who’s using which platform.

WordPress appears to be the favored CMS, with 4 out of 8 major Republican contenders using it for their campaigns. Drupal accounts for three of the major campaign websites.


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Drupal in crisis?

Is Drupal, in many respects the main ‘competitor’ to WordPress, in crisis?

According to Daniel F. Kudwien, it most certainly is, and it makes interesting reading when comparing and contrasting with the current status of WordPress.

Kudwien outlines the development of Drupal over the last couple of years, specifically pointing out that:

in January 2011, Drupal 7 was released with some 300 unresolved major bugs
200 previously critical and major bugs were then demoted to normal
as of August 2011 Drupal has 4153 unresolved bugs (22,181 total)
a vast number of users are stuck on Drupal 6, with no progress on Drupal 8


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Open source platforms (including WordPress!) on the decline?

I dunno about you, but it seems a week doesn’t go past where I don’t hear someone spruking the growth and importance of open source in the enterprise – or how OS principles are going to revolutionize how we work etc. etc.

And yet, check out this latest data from compete – comparing the homepages of WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Concrete5 and TextPattern

Not looking too great, huh!

And then take a look at the yearly changes:


Are open source platforms declining in popularity?

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Open Source Social Networking Matchup: BuddyPress vs. Drupal Commons

When choosing an open source CMS for the backbone of a new social network, WordPress and Drupal offer two solid options. While both platforms offer numerous options for adding social networking aspects to your website, the packages available in BuddyPress and Drupal Commons are some of the most polished. We’re going to take a look at both and offer a heads up comparison based on four major factors:

Ease of Installation and Setup
Built-in Features
Interface and Design
Community / Support


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9 Super Useful WordPress Multisite Plugins For Network Managers

When you first enable WordPress Multisite you may be surprised to find that the network management tools are fairly minimal. The purpose is to provide the basics and let networks add more management capabilities depending on your site’s needs.

If you’re a Multisite super admin, you’re sure to find a few new tools for your toolbox among these plugins. All of them have been newly added to the WordPress repository this month.
Dashboard Switcher


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Customize Your Own WordPress Download Package For Quick Installation

The process of installing WordPress and then adding all of the plugins you need, one by one, can be a time consuming task, especially if you’re doing it several times per week. What if you could customize your own installation with all the extras in one bundled download? Check out the Free Custom WordPress Package Builder service from Tim Trice. It’s very similar to Drupal’s distribution profiles. The idea is to save you time if you frequently create WordPress sites that use similar plugins. It is designed to deliver most of the common themes and plugins that WordPress users end up having to download separately each time.


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Important Factors to Consider in the WordPress vs. Drupal Debate

Yesterday I came across some recent slides titled “Why Drupal Should Be More Like WordPress”. As a longtime user of both platforms, I found this comparison to be very informative about why the WordPress community has grown to be much larger than the Drupal community.

Because WordPress 3.0 vastly expands WordPress’ CMS capabilities, the gap between what Drupal can do and what WordPress can do is growing ever smaller. Both are fantastic enterprise-class content management systems. If you’re having a difficult time selecting between the two, have a look at these slides:

Why Drupal Should Be More Like WordPress

The Popularity Contest


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