How To Power Your WordPress Site With A Social Paywall

Yesterday, I looked at implementing a paywall on a WordPress site.

If you are just starting out or are using your WordPress site for reach then a monetary paywall will provide little benefit. A social paywall, though, might be just what you need.

In this article, I’ll look at how to implement a paywall where the currency is not cash, but Likes, Shares, Tweets and PlusOnes.

Social paywalls are a low-cost method for site owners to realise value from their content

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How To Implement A Paywall On Your WordPress Site

Publishers from the New York Times to Australia’s Fairfax Media are implementing a variety of models as they start to charge for access to content.

But you don’t have to be a large media company to either consider or implement a paywall. You just have to value your content and have an audience that values it to.

In this article, we’ll look at the paywall models available and how to implement them on your WordPress site.

Collage of the NYT and FT subscription forms

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Download the Free MarketPress Anywhere Cart Plugin

If you’ve ever built an e-commerce store, then you know that the better you can make the shopping cart experience, the more you’re going to sell. Keeping your customer on the line once he has decided to purchase something is very much like fishing. You need to start to reel him in before he gets away. Keeping the buyer mindful of what he has in his cart is one key to capturing that sale.

Introducing the MarketPress Anywhere Cart


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Free Global Product Search Widget For MarketPress

We’ve got some great community members at WPMU DEV who are building awesome extensions to our products. The very latest is a free plugin from that provides a beautiful interface for searching and sorting products across a network of stores.

Solid multisite compatibility is one of the reasons that MarketPress is so popular. There is no better WordPress e-commerce plugin for operating multiple stores with one global shopping cart. This new extension compliments MarketPress’ built-in multisite capabilities.

The MP Product Search Widget plugin features:


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Free MarketPress Theme And Floating Shopping Cart Extension is a WordPress theme shop centered around MarketPress, one of our most popular plugins at WPMU DEV. If you’re a big fan of MarketPress, then this is a store you’ll want to bookmark. MarketPress Themes offers professionally developed themes for online stores, as well as a number of excellent free plugins for the community.
FlexMarket: A Free MarketPress Theme


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MarketPress 2.8 Brings UPS Shipping Support and a Major Design Refresh

This week we’re excited to announce another major release of MarketPress.

Version 2.8 is a massive update with some brand new features that we think you’re going to love. Most notably, MarketPress now supports UPS shipping.

UPS Shipping Now Available

You can offer UPS shipping by selecting ‘UPS’ under “Calculated Options” within the shipping settings. This will allow you to display standard UPS shipping prices based on box weight and dimenstions.

Make more money with Stripe + MarketPress

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Add a PayPal “Buy Now” Button to WordPress

Adding a PayPal button to your site is one of the easiest (and fastest) ways to take payments or collect donations with your WordPress installation.

In today’s Daily Tip, we’ll show you how to quickly add a PayPal button to your site using the standard post/page editor.

To start, you’ll need a PayPal account. You’ve got one of those right? If not, head over to PayPal and get started – it’s free!

BuyNow Big PayPal

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