Advanced WordPress Google Maps Made Simple

Maps showing your office location are all well and good but with the right WordPress plugin and a little bit of tweaking, your WordPress-embedded Google Maps can be a whole lot more engaging for your visitors.

In this tutorial, we’ll create custom post types from a CSV datafile, create a plugin to dynamically generate a KML and then overlay that file on a Google Map: a technique you could use for any geocoded post type.

So, roll up those cartography sleeves and let’s get mapping!

Google Maps, KML overlays and custom post types all come together for massively engaging maps

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Google Maps WordPress Plugin – More Than Just Pretty Maps

A plugin that inserts Google maps into plugins is hardly newsworthy.

But what about a plugin that not only does that job exceptionally well but also brings a wealth of location-based features to your WordPress install like geotagging posts, adding location context to your BuddyPress users’ activity or even letting them “check-in”?

The updated Google Maps plugin from WPMU DEV does all this and more. Now that is worth talking about.

Screenshot of a blurred map and the location submission permission request

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