Troubleshoot Your WordPress jQuery Code FAST!

Hey WordPress developers. Want to get better at jQuery? How about saving time on your jQuery development and troubleshooting? Well I’ve got a simple and FREE tool for you to check out.

It’s called

Check it out in action…

You just code your html in the upper left box, your jQuery on the bottom left, and you see the result on the bottom right hand side, just like in the graphic above.


Once you get your jQuery and html working how you want them, just drop the code into your WordPress plugin!


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WordPress Parallax Effect Slider plugins

You’ve probably seen the Parallax Effect but might not have known what it was (see the demo link near the end of this post).

A typical slider has a static image, movie, text, or some other item. There are options to auto-play, and there are navigation controls. This is all the same for a parallax effect slider, but there are layers of content within each slide that make it look three-dimensional, thanks to CSS3 and jQuery.
Free WordPress Parallax Slider Plugin
Keeping this post to the point, there’s a free WordPress plugin that makes all this fairly easy to do: WP Parallax Content Slider.

WordPress Parallax Slider Plugins

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9 jQuery WordPress Menu Plugins + Bonus Tutorial for the Adventurous

Search “WordPress menu plugins” in Google = Eeek!
A quick search for WordPress menu plugins in Google will bring up over 32,000,000 results. Oh, dear Lord! Dozens, if not hundreds, of those results can be quite mouth-watering at first glance. But sifting through the mess of unappetizing stuff to find something satisfying can be frustrating to say the least. Even searching the WordPress plugin repository can be quite tedious.

WordPress Menu Plugins - JQuery powered navigation

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Expand Your Skills with Codecademy’s Free HTML and CSS Courses

Codecademy is an interactive, fun way for beginners to learn how to code. It allows you to track your progress as well as your friends’ progress so that you can motivate each other to learn faster.

Codecademy currently offers four main tracks for learning:

JavaScript Fundamentals – This introductory course to JavaScript gets you started with programming basics, JavaScript apps and building games.
Web Fundamentals – This course teaches you how to build websites with HTML and CSS.
jQuery – The jQuery course covers DOM manipulation, event handling and animation creation.


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Soliloquy: The Best Responsive jQuery Slider Plugin for WordPress

Adding a slider to your WordPress site should be easy, right? If you’re depending on using a plugin from the WordPress repository, sometimes it can turn into a downright nightmare. Hacking the plugin to look and work like you want it to can be quite a chore – that is assuming that you have the skills to do it.

Introducing Soliloquy: A slider plugin that just works!


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Theme Squirrel Provides a Better Way to Browse Themeforest

Theme Squirrel is a site that I discovered this week through a link in the Hacker Newsletter. It provides a much easier, more enjoyable way to browse themes on Themeforest, making use of an infinite scroller, jQuery Masonry, jsTree and leanModal. Find out more technical details about how it was built by visiting the Theme Squirrel about page.

When browsing Theme Squirrel you can click on the menu at the left to sort themes by category. You can also change the size of the preview boxes to tiny, medium, or large.


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PrettyPhoto Zoom Plugin Adds Image Zooming to WordPress

Certain kinds of websites really need the flexibility of being able to show a larger version of images posted on click. This is especially important for photography, e-commerce, and portfolio sites that tend to have more detailed images. PrettyPhoto Zoom is a plugin for WordPress that gives you the ability to add automatic zoom on a per image basis.

Here’s an example of the plugin in action:

After you’ve installed the plugin it’s very easy to add zooming to images. Simply click “Enable Automatic Zoom” and the plugin does the rest:


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WordPress, Drupal and Open Source Dominate 2012 Presidential Campaign Websites

With the election season heating up and the Iowa Caucuses happening in less than 48 hours, I thought it might be fun to take a look at the open source CMS platforms behind a few of the biggest names in American politics. Of course, the CMS has probably doesn’t have much relevance to the success of a candidate, but I thought it would be interesting to see who’s using which platform.

WordPress appears to be the favored CMS, with 4 out of 8 major Republican contenders using it for their campaigns. Drupal accounts for three of the major campaign websites.


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